Wednesday, November 30, 2011

1) The Token SciFi Ending - An Alternative Universe!

I'll start with the one scenario that most illustrates my frustration with the current storyline. It can get pretty funny...

I actually keep the original story intact for awhile (it sort of depends on how long I can stand it)... But at some harrowing point (just pick one); an Alternative Universe thing happens where either "our" Bella & Edward are sucked into, or their doppelgangers are pulled in from - another Universe.

Sometimes the alternative Bella is still a human, sometimes she's a Vampire already, and sometimes I make her into a witch (kind of a Twilight version of Buffy's Willow) - and Edward is often "just a little bit different", too. They are always puzzled with each other's alternative selves (which can get quite hysterical); and the story plays out different every time. Go ahead, have fun with it!


  1. Oh JEEZ... I just had to share... I just thought up another "Twilight Series" (obviously, I would love to continue to watch this maddening story; but I'm not sure how easy it would be to accept "another Edward" - he'd have to be a pretty special guy. ;)

    So... Sort of a combo Twilight/Sliders thing... Every week, a different episode featuring Edward & Bella "sliding" from one parallel Twilight Universe to the next, looking for their original "Forks".

    Ok, bring the cute little miniEdwardBella along... As long as their are "some" believable make-believe worlds in the mix, I can handle the extra-goofy ones. In fact, it makes those more fun! :)

  2. Btw... I know alot of girls out there really hate the name, Renesmee for the little vamp-girl. It's kind of funny, because when I was reading the passage in the book where Bella names her; my mind immediately rejected it and threw in another one - and my friend, Steve (read first blog post to find out who Steve is) thinks it is even sillier than Renesmee.

    So, opinions please... What do you think of Meadow Rose?

    Steve says its cheesy.

    I say, "Yeah, it fits, PERFECTLY!"

    Edward & Bella fall in love in a meadow and Rosalie keeps anything from happening to her. She's mandatory God-mamma, they ain't askin! ;)

    See... I can "get into" the baby storyline a bit, too!

  3. I don't really think there should have been a báby. But since it was. I would not let Jacob imprint on the baby even it had meant the Cullens move away from Forks. Stephanie only put the baby in because Billy thought Bella was pregnant and had to get married Edward was feeling guilty because he assumed that Bella could not ever have his baby and I think deep inside Edward wished for a baby too. The imprinting was the disgusting part of the book. All other explanations are that Imprinting is a way of finding you sexual mate. It made Jacob seem like pedifile. And to let Bella accept this is also sick. He could not get the mother so he prayed on a baby. I think Edward should have thrown him out of the house and dealt with the consequences. Child should have been protected from this. The Cullens should have left Forks.