Wednesday, November 30, 2011

7) Vampires in SPACE!

Bella is a science nerd who has always had a dream of exploring space (what can I say, I'm a space sci-fi nut, too). Gosh, wouldn’t Edward’s resources and the Cullen’s higher-learning educations have come in handy to help get her launched into space?

They could have made their own rocket/spaceship, made discoveries, met aliens, blah blah blah... Way before the rest of humankind, even - that would be a semi-new twist.

A Vampire Science Fiction movie in space… They could have made a series out of it afterwards and dragged the time it takes for Bella to be turned into a Vampire over the course of a few years, building the anticipation of that moment into a frenzy – we fans would have went nuts for that!


  1. This is a cool idea too. You ARE creative :)

  2. Thanks! Yeah, I'm weird... Put any storyline in space and I'll watch it, ha! )

  3. That would be awesome. I love SyFi.