Wednesday, November 30, 2011

4) Edward Isn't a Vampire!

If we HAVE to keep the "sparkle in the sun" effect for Edward because of Stephanie's infamous dream (it COULD have been left out from there - he didn't have to sparkle from the beginning); why not make his character something that actually fits with his specialness?

It is very rare that you find movies done about Fae (a make-believe "real" one, I mean - not a human hybrid). Edward would have been a really cool one.

Fae are one fantasy genre that has barely been tapped, so we girls are EXTRA curious about it. Every one of the Cullens kind of reminds you of them, anyway. It would have been a different story, but all the essential framework of the fantasy could have stayed intact.


  1. It would havebeen very fitting if all the Cullens were Hybrids. They could eat,drink, come out in the sun and not have to hide out so much.