Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2) Edward Can't Resist from the Beginning

This is one of my favorite scenarios, but it would have required a complete rewrite of the story from the beginning instead of just from the point where *I* currently want the story to turn…

Edward is unable to resist Bella from the beginning (maybe during that "1st kiss" he isn't as strong as he thought - ha!) and he turns her right away (he would probably have been "into"' her enough by that time to be able to stop)…

Edward then has to deal with the ramifications of his seriously tortured conscience (jeez, we think he's tortured now!); and Bella would be dealing with a completely different set of issues, of course – like her father and the wolf pack hunting her/the Cullen's down, maybe? (A scene when the hunting party consisting of tribe members & Charlie, Bella's father, finally catch up in a face-off with the Cullens - in a beautiful battlefield in the forest, of course- and there is an agonizing, painfully-hesitant moment when Charlie struggles with the idea of "what he thinks he needs to do" in order to protect the town from his newly-turned-monster Vampire daughter... Oooo...)

I think it would also be a fascinating exploration from Bella's perspective on "what you would both miss & love" about suddenly not being human and discovering a new existence - especially a teenage one (we love fantasies about our youth when things were still truly new and exciting - revisiting that time is always fun! Don't TELL me that isn't why "Animal House" made it so big, GUYS!)

Would Edward & Bella still fall in love? It would make for a far more interesting story, no doubt... OF COURSE (probably)!

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  1. I think you are on to something. Ive always thought Edward should have changed Bella from the beginning. What an interesting plot.