Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Twilight Saga Reality Series - VERY BEST Idea, Yet!!

Ok, I've just come up with my BEST idea yet for a POST Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 series - at least, in my opinion, ha!

A REALITY SERIES for essentially educational purposes - but in a FUN way - surrounding a REAL, handpicked, AMATEUR writing and production TEAM (along with a couple of Twilight "mentors") that follows the group throughout the ENTIRE process of choosing & polishing a script, casting the characters, and generally producing "a production".

Every season the format (a movie, a mini-series, animation, etc.) AND the story is different but it is ALWAYS based on Twilight!!

At the end of the season - we get to watch the final result whatever that is - if it's a movie, we go out and WATCH it in a theater, complete with a RED CARPET opening JUST LIKE it's another NEW Twilight every time; AND the next amateur script/writers/producers are chosen for the NEXT season (so that they can begin working on it).

With ALL THIS COOL TWILIGHT FANFICTION OUT HERE it would be REALLY NEAT to see some of it be explored. Some Twihards have been INCREDIBLY CREATIVE when it comes to the storylines they have imagined.

It just seems like a really good way to continue this series in an INTERESTING (and NON-offensive) way - plus, you can never find too many FUN ways to learn about oddball stuff like this. :)


  1. Okay, I've already been accused of suggesting this continuation of Twilight because "*I* supposedly want *my* fanfiction rewrite of Twilight" done first.

    NO! From the perspective of OBSESSIONS, it would be FAR BETTER to explore some aspect of Twilight that we're all curious about and would like to see more of - LIKE maybe exploring the backgrounds of some of the OTHER characters.

    Alot of us would LOVE to see Carlisle's story or ANY of the other characters, really - NOT that we would leave Edward and Bella and Renesmee and Jacob on the sidelines...

    But, I really DON'T think "redoing" the Twilight Saga storyline JUST the way it was originally done BUT correcting it, is the right timing for that just YET - maybe a few seasons down the road we'd be ready to accept another Edward/Bella. It's too SOON to redo/replace those characters. We're all TOO IN LOVE with them THE WAY they ARE at the moment, ha!!