Wednesday, November 23, 2011

CHARLIE Gets Turned into a Vampire!!

THIS is a REALLY interesting twist... In the rewrite, Charlie gets hurt but the Cullens of course get him to a hospital in time. BUT, what if something HAD happened to CHARLIE and he is TOO FAR GONE to be saved - but Bella BEGS them to save him. Someone (maybe Carlisle is along for this encounter) changes him into a Vampire.

THEN it would be BELLA who would be dealing with things from the opposite perspective with her father turning into a Vampire. In the Breaking Dawn rewrite summary, I take a sidestep in which I toy with the idea that Bella COULD have remained HUMAN for as long as she wanted to - EVEN throughout ETERNITY if she wanted... Simply by taking sips of Edwards blood every once in awhile to keep her body and organs young.

I would probably still have turned her, eventually... But I think it would have been FAR more interesting for her to stay Human for alot longer. We would have gotten to know her better as a Human going on adventures through her Human eyes. It would have made "who she changed into" after her transformation more obvious and that much more interesting for us.

ENVISION, Ladies... CHARLIE as a VAMPIRE... Not the pasty-white ones like in the last movies; but like the pretty, ultra-violet, translucent-looking ones in the original Twilight movie, ha!! ;)

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