Wednesday, November 30, 2011

3) KEEP the Cute Litte Vamp-Baby!

Go Ahead... Keep the baby, just figure out a way to do it that makes sense! A little magic can go a long way... Or jeez, be creative and come up with something different.

Maybe things still stay on course the way they are; but instead of the impossible happening where Edward knocks her up; Bella eventually decides that she wants a baby with Edward (before being turned into a Vampire) after being with him for awhile - so they have an invitro baby.

Maybe Carlyle can figure out a way to incorporate some of Edward's human DNA into the development of a fetus... I know, I'm reaching... but please stay within the boundaries of generic mystical, metaphysical and scientific concepts (but I kind of like the idea of them "watching their family line grow "as humans" while they are immortal Vampires. They would get to watch not only their child and their grandchildren grow COMPLETELY up, but Great and Great-Great and Great-Great-Great, etc. Something about them becoming "guardians" over them is really neat)...

Believe me, there is plenty of room for incorporating your own "spin" on things; but if you want to play in Fantasyland with the big kids - and more importantly, if you want their money (without pissing them off, too) - do your research!

Here is a fun little twist that could have saved the current storyline without changing hardly anything in order to "make it make sense":

Maybe Alice gave Edward some sort of mystical crystal or charm in their past that had something to do with granting the recipient their "deepest wish or desire". Alice, most of all, would have been the most sympathetic for the decades-lonely bachelor Edward - so maybe she found an extra special birthday present for him, once upon a time... Hoping to help bring a spark into his life.

We could slip in her revealing explanation at the end of the big show; when she's telling Bella and the others about why she ran off... It would also make a really good explanation for why she ran off; tying it into the story, neat and tidy...

She explains how she came across it at some point (after they found out that the Vulturi aren't happy about the vamp-baby); and figured out that the baby was Edward's wish from this trinket - meaning, that it was kind of "her fault", too - and now look at the mess they're in!

At the time, she figures Edward is going to be a little upset with her for "tinkering with magic" - so she would have been extra-compelled to try and fix the situation and find those other vamp-hybrids!

In the flashback, the charm/crystal is "active" with either a glow or a color - but in the present, as she explains what she thinks happened; she is holding the charm/crystal, and it is obviously used - the glow is gone or the color is changed.

Edward is such a hopeless, old-fashioned romantic - he might really be wishing after they are married, that he could give Bella a baby. (Unconsciously, of course - but the mystical charm would be tapped into his "deepest desires" anyway.) So it would be his wish, and HIS fault in the end - after all that fuss he puts up (Bella and everyone would completely forgive him, of course) - AND we women would go even MORE NUTS over him - ha!)

So this could be done as a simple little "flashback" combined with a present-day, huge-smiling, smug explanation from Alice (can't you just imagine) at the end after the big show - she walks in carrying the charm, shows it to everyone, and she and Edward reminisce about it and everyone teases him or whatever.

In order to completely have the movie make sense, the vamp-hybrids could also hint toward the fact that they have their own "mystical ritual" that is performed to explain their mystical conception. I've heard that they come from the Amazon from a Vampire who is trying to create another race - make him have had to figure out how to do it.

So many things could be fixed in altering just one scene and maybe adding a flashback!

OR... (you're gonna hate/love me for this one - this is the 'SOAP OPERA' version, ha!)... Bella at some point gets pregnant with Jacob's baby somehow, someway, someday (MAYBE she gets pregnant while Edward is gone in New Moon - Ok, make them a little older or make her a teenage mother - either is believable in this day and age)... She is Human, after all... And so is Jacob most of the time. Oh my gosh, but then... we might have to toss that imprinting thing out. (Yeah, that's sarcasm.)

Bella wouldn't know about a baby yet when she goes off to save Edward; but upon returning... Oh, the agony!


  1. Hey I actually really like the idea of the surprise jacob baby! it would have given a waaay better plot and make the book and movie juicer!

  2. I don't like that story line. Jacob is more boring than Edward in my opinion. He is violent and hyper all the time. WAhy would Bella want Pups. I don't think a Bella and Jacob ending would have been exciting. I like the Edward and Bella its a forbidden fruit thing. Its torrid, sexy and hot. WOW!!