Wednesday, November 30, 2011

6) Bella Chooses Someone Else (Maybe) - Oh, GOD!

Bella chooses Jacob! Or Bella chooses MIKE! Or she doesn’t choose anyone! WHY does this 17yo girl HAVE to decide on a lifemate right now?!

She chooses to leave Edward instead of the other way around this time... She needs to "find herself", whatever... She's gone for awhile and who knows what all happens; but in the end, who does she end up with..? (Here's your opening, Team Jacob - blow us away!)

1 comment:

  1. I don't want to think about this possibity. It would not make sense. Jacob would not be able to protect Bending from the Volerra and the Cullen would have been slaughtered. Not a good ending. Jacob never attended school and never finished. Bella would be stuck on the reservation having little puppies. Charlie would have to buy formula for the puppies. Because Jacob had no job just ran around with Sam and the pack sniffing out Vampires.
    Bella would have to beg Michael's parents to let her continue to work at store. Jacob would imprint on someone else and leave Bella and the pups. It would not made sense for Bella to Jacob in my opiñion.