Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Twilight TV Series Based on Renesmee's Life!

My best idea, yet (I think).

Make the ending believable (perhaps by my suggestion below - but honestly, any one they come up with I'm sure, would help)...

And THEN I would be really interested in watching a TV series based on Twilight's Renesmee's (and Jacob's?) life. Her parents could become "supporting actors" in the series; but we would all already know and love them (and her!), and we would all be interested in watching her grow up. (Plus, we would kinda get to continue watching what happens with her parents in the "happily ever after forever" part of their lives.

I mean, since we don't get to "watch Bella grow up" (this story might have been a little easier for me to handle if we had been taken on a few more adventures, first); it would be really cool to watch the little one grow up. :)


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