Wednesday, November 30, 2011

5) Bella is from the Tribe - AND She's "Got the Gene"!

What if Bella wasn't a cute, white Human girl... What if she was a cute, indigenous member of the Wolf Pack, instead? (Heaven forbid, our heroine be any other race than Caucasian - yeah, I'm a white girl, and I would love to see more diversity like this in movies.)

They still fall madly in love - truly mortal enemies (the tribe/wolf pack would have serious issues with that - and she would still have Jacob as a love interest, no doubt) - and then Bella discovers she's got the "Wolf gene" on top of things... Let that one simmer in your brain for a bit.

OOOoooo! Bella could imprint on Edward! She claims him (with HIM becoming the all-starry-eyed, weak-in-love one) instead of the other way around - I LIKE that!


  1. I would die to see this! haha I love Jacob...but I love Edward too. This works!!

  2. This is a very interesting story line! and could very well work!

  3. I don't see this. Not because she would not be a traditional white girl. Total Indian girl would have been hot. No wolf gene was in love with Edward but had to deal with feelings she has for Jacob.