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Twilight ReVAMPED Rewrite - How the Vampire-Human Hybrid Baby is Explained BELIEVABLY in Breaking Dawn

Here is an outline summary of the ENTIRE Twilight ReVAMPED story (it is MUCH MORE expounded upon than the simple "vamp-baby explanation" below) as I would have written it through Breaking Dawn IF I had continued with it. It's not the same thing as reading the actual story, but I think you'll find alot of really interesting twists in here to tickle your insides for awhile. ;>

Actual Post Date: 5/13/12

HOW COULD that beautiful little Vamp-Human hybrid baby have been conceived WITHOUT using magic? After all, who needs magic JUST because these are supposed to be VAMPIRES, ha?!

THIS is HOW that baby could be conceived... BECAUSE they drink this re-animated blood. It basically ACTS like real Human blood for them, but it has had an usual side-effect that no one realized...

It ALSO re-animates their internal tissues - JUST BARELY. For instance, it reaches the edge inside of their brains where their Human souls used to be - ENHANCING what little souls they have left! It's not enough to rejuvenate their souls, but it is enough to maybe make them care just a little more than they perhaps would, otherwise. THIS is WHY Edward can CARE about and fall in LOVE with Bella! Animal blood would not contribute enough toward this.

ALSO, things like the tissues on the insides of their dead blood veins, INCLUDING perhaps, the little teaspoonful or so of SPERM that Edward still has stashed inside of him from BEFORE he was changed into a Vampire. (Yes, you should ALL know that Edward is a century-old VIRGIN - not even having the desire to masturbate before he FINALLY goes all the way with Bella, ha! *I* didn't write that in here - STEPHENIE DID, LoL! And YES, we WOULD SCRAP the incredibly LAME, F*#k$d up concept of "immortalicum" - JEEZ!)

SO... His guys (sperm!) - that STILL CARRY his Human DNA could impregnate Bella's Human body; AND they would be carrying some of his Vampire stuff in the mix. It's not like they haven't been affected by this Vampire curse.

They would only have ONE shot (ha!) at this! And GOSH, wouldn't it be the ultimate MIRACLE if the VERY first time Edward and Bella FINALLY get nasty - her body is in a state of fertility to get preggers! WOOT!

If you really take the time to think too much about it, however...  IF these really were "immortal" sperm that are impregnating Bella's Human body, they could 1) probably live long enough inside of her to eventually penetrate a fertilized egg EVEN if she wasn't fertile at the time; and 2) I would THINK it would be a LITTER of vamp hybrids. I mean, maybe some of them have died off by
this time, but MULTIPLE sperm would still be alive and fighting far more aggressively over that fertile egg than any Human sperm would. Maybe Stephenie should have had Bella having at least twins or even triplets. BUT, we're going to overlook this little kink for the sake of our beloved
little fairytale. ;>

*MY* Twilight Breaking Dawn Vampire baby would have been UNIQUE! There wouldn't have been another Vampire hanging out in the Amazon trying to create another super-race to explain things! MAYBE... IF the story had continued, our beloved little hybrid might someday have run across a group like that. But Stephenie DIDN'T NEED any other characters thrown into the mix as yet MORE TRICKS to make us think that she had went out of her way to create such a beautiful fairytale!

Thank you, TECH - for the help in working out this little diddy! And yeah, I agree with you... "It would STILL have been STUPID." But, it would have made Twilight Breaking Dawn WORK! I don't know where you are now or what you're doing; but you are one SMART, BEAUTIFUL young lady! THANK YOU!

Btw... I know alot of people out there really hate the name, Renesmee, for the little vamp-girl. It's kind of funny, because when I was reading the passage in the book where Bella names her; my mind immediately rejected it (before I even had the opportunity to dislike it), and threw in another one - and my friend, Steve thinks it is even sillier than Renesmee.

So, opinions please... What do you think of Meadow Rose?

Steve says its cheesy.

I say, "Yeah, it fits, PERFECTLY!"

Edward & Bella fall in love in a meadow and Rosalie keeps anything from happening to her. She's mandatory God-mamma, they ain't askin! ;)

See... I can "get into" the baby storyline a bit, too! It REALLY IS too bad that I have no desire to finish this incredibly disappointing "saga".

I really would liked to have LOVED it ALL THE WAY to the bittersweet end!

But, THERE you have it...

PLEASE SIGN MY PETITION for Hollywood Reform!

And Thanks for taking the time to hang out in here for awhile! It IS much appreciated, I KNOW how maddening all this is.

- Catherine

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