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Twilight Breaking Dawn ReVAMPED Rewrite Summary

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Ok, a disclaimer before you Twihards start accusing me of trying to force one of *my* characters into the Twilight Saga... if you've read this far through this storyline summary of Twilight ReVAMPED, you may have noticed that Meredith is coming into the story in a much larger way than I had originally intended. I think this is for a few different reasons:

Since Twilight is such a well-known story and every major character already has a pre-destined place within it; it would be hard to take one of them out at this point. I mean, WHICH ONE would we choose to eliminate, ha?! And, Meredith is kind of NEEDED in this rewrite. She will poke at Bella like NO ONE can! Plus, BONUS - since she is just an extra character that I threw in, it won't be as hard for us all to watch if anything bad eventually happens to her. ;)

ALSO, since I have not read the books yet, I know Meredith better to write her. I admittedly do not know enough about the wolfpack characters to insert them in here. The point of this rewrite summary is to help YOU ALL SEE that ANYONE who knew just a little bit about Vampires (I am NOT an authority, believe it or not), could have come up with something just a bit better and FAR more of an appropriate storyline AND ending - and JUST as compelling of one!

If I were to actually read the books, I'm sure this rewrite would turn out completely different. I've read in alot of places that Leah should have been hooked up with Jacob.

I have no doubt that someday all of this will pass me by, and I'll laugh at what a big deal I made over The Twilight Saga. Maybe I'll even be able to read it. It is VERY typical for me, once I get something "out of my system"; for it to literally become nothing, EVENTUALLY. I'm not a grudge-holder, but I am almost perpetually FORCED to "work through" things until I can accept them before I get to this "nothing" place. (I'm an Aries so it is ALSO very typical of me to make a big, damn, hairy deal before I get there. It is OFTEN the "way things get worked out" - but REALLY, only if I'm pretty sure I'm right, LoL!)

For now, even though I am curious as hell about Jake; the thought of reading through this series repels me. I'm not sure if it really helped for me to start reading this stupid saga, or not. All it did was make me angrier and more frustrated (thus, this rewrite - it is EXACTLY what inspired me. I couldn't finish reading it, as much as I wanted to!)

I HONESTLY DO NOT see how you ladies can read through JUST the first five chapters of Twilight and NOT SEE what an empty and even bitter character Bella is written as. If I had been holding my Twilight book instead of my beloved Kindle Fire; I would have thrown it across the room and STOMPED on it!

About Bella & Edward already having sex... I KNOW, ALOT of you out there will HATE that I did that (and if it's too hard for the majority of you to deal with, I will change it. After all, I'm not actually rewriting this. If it makes you feel any better, they will not have sex again until after the wedding, ha!). But it DOES help jump start the story of Breaking Dawn AND *I* like that it takes into account Bella being afraid of marriage at first.

Bella changes her mind after they have sex because the experience was that powerful for her (not JUST in a OMG, what an O kind of way, ha!). *I* think it will make her actually appreciate her wedding more; AND *this* little Vamp hybrid will bake in the oven for a little longer - probably until Bella is around 5 to 7 months along.

Bella and Jacob's relationship will SLOWLY swerve back into the sweet friendship that they once had, although Jacob WILL be paying attention and making sure these Cullen's are everything they claim to be. Bella will NOT tell Jacob about her pregnancy until she pretty much has to - and, I'm not even sure she will. Bella MAY determine that she and Edward should leave Forks to put some distance between them and our beloved, hot-headed Jacob (and they may already have left to go to college in Seattle by this time, anyway). I haven't decided, yet... Jake may also become a pretty big factor (and Godfather), still some thinking to do. :)

Bella's pregnancy WILL be a surprise; in fact, she will notice that her body is acting weird within the first few DAYS. But she will actually think it has something to do with having sex with Edward BECAUSE she is kind of feeling "Vampirish". She's craving weird things like RARE meat and whatever other "things" Stephenie may have had her craving. Bella just thinks that they may have gotten a little carried away and the effects of their sexual encounter are lingering. She's afraid to even say anything to Edward, because she's sure he'll never have sex with her again, ha!

She's NOT even SORT of thinking that she may be pregnant BECAUSE Edward is a Vampire (JUST like the rest of us, ha)! (If you want to know now HOW this hybrid baby could have been conceived BELIEVABLY without using magic, CLICK HERE!) Bella is the kind of SMART girl to have ALREADY done all kinds of research surrounding Vampires (and asked TONS of questions) because she has a reason to be so curious about them! She KNOWS what they are and what they are supposedly capable of (I would have made sure that we are ALL WELL AWARE of what exactly a Vampire is before we get to this point in the story).

Bella's MOM will "plant the seed" of the idea that she might be pregnant when she comes up for the wedding. Her "mom instincts" will kick in at some of Bella's symptoms and she'll ask questions. BUT, Bella will INSIST that it isn't possible (and she will believe it when she says it).

THIS way, Bella could be suspicious BEFORE the wedding and the wedding could continue without the baby becoming an issue, yet. MAYBE... Bella will somehow sneak in an over-the-counter pregnancy test before the wedding. SHE is really the only one who would be able to know beforehand (then she could tell Edward that "something might be wrong" on the Honeymoon). If anyone else knows before the wedding; Edward would read their mind and the Volturi might find out too soon when Aro reads Edward's thoughts through his hand.

And you know... I've been thinking about it... Throughout each one of these books, I would have focused on as much of Bella's point of view as possible; BUT each book would have ALSO have had ONE other person's POV as the secondary storyline thread weaving through it. In the first "Twilight" book, it would have been Edward; in "New Moon & Eclipse", it would have been Jacob; and in Breaking Dawn it would have been Meredith.

However, I wouldn't have made Meredith's POV as large in the last book as Edward's and Jacob's was in the previous two. We won't need to, her story will unfold in alot of ways without it being from her perspective.

Twilight Breaking Dawn ReVAMPED begins with Meredith waking up after Victoria has changed her into a Vampire. The OTHER thing I like about Meredith being in here like this, is that she is going to turn into a Vampire JUST like Bella will; EXCEPT Meredith will NOT have a soul, at all! Her experience will contradict Bella's experience. We will see "what could have happened" to Bella! (And what Edward has been worried about all this time.)

I would have gone into Meredith's change semi-deeply, but just to give us enough contradiction for when Bella is changed, later. I would be careful about going overboard, because I know we all want to watch BELLA turn into a Vampire from HER perspective later, ha!

I might have even read "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner" if I were actually going to rewrite this saga. I liked how much Stephenie went into "what Vampires would be like" soon after they are born. We are familiar with old Vampires - but new ones, THAT was new and refreshing and FUN. It ALSO made it all that much more frustrating when I became debunked by Breaking Dawn.

They make Twilight's Vampires APPEAR to be actual Vampires for awhile - and THEN there is this dysfunctional twist with venom, and you don't realize that there is anything wrong with it, at first. I BELIEVED these were REAL-make-believe Vampires when I started getting into Twilight (didn't we all?) - YEAH, despite the sparkles! I ASSUMED that they were somehow EXPLAINED somewhere... And then there was no explanation for Edward not being able to read Bella's mind; and then there was this long, winding storyline with Jacob that didn't really seem to apply to anything, either...

I mean, I KNOW Stephenie supposedly thought up her Vampires SO damn creatively OFF the TOP of her HEAD; but WHAT is the POINT if they are NOT REAL-make-believe VAMPIRES? The ENTIRE Twilight Saga storyline is COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT because of THIS ONE THING because it was THE REASON we were ALL interested in this story in the FIRST PLACE!

They SOLD us all a "beautiful fairytale" about Vampires. Twilight would NEVER HAVE BECOME the HUGE money-making deal that it IS, IF this story had been told using something OTHER than Vampires. We MIGHT have been interested in it if she had made them Vampire/Human hybrids - THAT MIGHT have worked! But REALLY... Nothing else made this story so fascinating for us girls (of ALL ages). We all got SO JIPPED!

Btw, I KNOW the explanation for Edward not being able to read Bella's mind is supposed to be that she "has a private mind"... BS. Bella's mind never had a reason to form such a MYSTICAL shield around her own mind as a Human without a desire to learn and know exactly how to do that.

In order for Edward to NOT BE ABLE to read Bella's mind for seemingly "no apparent reason" like Stephenie has it... She would either 1) have to be BORN that way for some strange reason; or 2) have had some sort of previous interactions with mystical creatures that might have CAUSED her mind to find a need to develop a shield around itself like that. THIS Bella has a reason for the power she develops as a Vampire, and its one that already kind of manifests itself in her daily life. (Shhhh... If you already know what I'm hinting at, ha!)

Meredith WOULD have lost her entire soul and turned into a ravenous, newborn Vampire. Victoria would feel JUST as connected to Meredith as she ever was to James. Vampires can be somewhat incestuous creatures (NOT in the literal kind of way), in that they mash everything together when they become connected to each other, sometimes. This is what would have happened between Victoria and Meredith.

Meredith would become a living doll, daughter, companion AND lover for Victoria. It is part of Victoria's nature to be "too close" (if that's possible) with someone she creates as a Vampire.

Victoria is a VERY seductive Vampire and the strongest portions of Victoria's mystical essence would have had an effect on how Meredith's Vampire personality AND powers develop. That's where the child/parent aspect of a Human being changed into a Vampire comes into play. This is why most of The Cullens kept a part of their soul, because of the effects Carlisle's power had on them - and Edward's power will also effect Bella during her transformation in the same way.

We would hang out for just a bit with Meredith and Victoria to see how these two new Vampire companions get to know each other and how Victoria would start to take her newborn under her wing to teach her the ropes.

Getting back to Bella, we would find her maybe in the living room of Charlie's house kind of pacing nervously and obviously waiting for him to return home at any moment. She is still trying to figure out what to say to him about marrying Edward (although it's been a few days and she already has Alice started on planning the wedding).

Edward, of course, thinks that they should tell him together. But Bella isn't as sure because of the Vampire issue. She wants to start talking to him alone, and then Edward can come in at the end and/or step in earlier if he thinks he might be helpful (by reading Charlie's mind). Bella has a plan, but she isn't sure it's going to work, ha!

I'm not entirely sure what all this conversation would include, but Bella will tell Charlie about her and Meredith's stunt when she took off to Italy. She'll be honest and candid about things, but also as respectful as she can with him.

He'll be angry at times... Maybe even so angry that he starts thinking about packing Bella up right NOW and sending her back to her mother. MAYBE it even crosses his mind that they could lock Bella up in a mental hospital for a few weeks/months until this Vampire-puppy-love thing passes, ha! (Not that Charlie would actually do that, but he IS desperate and it just might cross his mind.)

Edward will end up coming in on the conversation and he'll just stand there and let Charlie ask him his questions while he tries to answer them as best he can. I BET Charlie even asks Edward the question about whether or not they've thought about having babies and what they would turn out like. BELLA will step in, embarrassed and exasperated, and insist that it isn't even possible and she doesn't want to bring any kids into this crazy world anyway (which, she doesn't at this point in her life with the way she feels about things right now).

However the conversation would end, it would end. After all, what can Charlie do, really. He can lock Bella up somewhere and hope she eventually comes to her senses (and hopefully that will happen in time for college to start). Or he can put his foot down and forbid the wedding to go on, in which case he risks losing ever seeing Bella again; OR he can give in and figure out how to accept this "Vampire" as his new, future Son-In-Law, ha!

Charlie WILL make Edward PROMISE never to lie to him about Bella. Edward will, of course, agree.

I think it's funny that Charlie knows ahead of time instead of later... It kind of means that Edward has to be extra-extra-EXTRA good cuz Charlie's no push-over, even IF he is a Human, LoL! I think they would have had some semi-funny, uncomfortable scenes.

There is ONE thing we are going to have to "smooth-over" in this rewrite however... Since Charlie already KNOWS about Vampires AND he IS going to be meeting and interacting with The Cullen's friends & extended family; Aro has the potential to find out that Charlie knows about Vampires when they shake hands.

I'm not sure if that comes up at the wedding, or not - we would have to see. In any case, since this "Humans shouldn't know about Vampires" thing isn't as big in this rewrite; AND Aro would be able to see everything surrounding WHY he knows about them and that HE WILL keep a secret - MAYBE he would just make a comment and let it slip by for now...

I'm not sure how they did the wedding in the movie. It sounds to me like they have Bella taking a little more reverence in it; because I read an interview with Bill Condon somewhere about him and Kristen planning the wedding how Bella would want it.

I thought that was a little strange since it is ALICE who is supposed to be planning it. Bella doesn't really show any interest, does she? In any case, ALOT of people wanted to see Bella "get into" her wedding more - so maybe they adjusted this in the movie so that she enjoys it more.

The Bella in THIS rewrite WOULD enjoy it more, BUT she still wouldn't be nearly as into it as Alice is, ha! While Bella is Ok doing things like trying on wedding dresses, she isn't nearly as into tedious details like picking out napkins and invitations, etc. Bella and Alice would plan the wedding together.

By this time, it has been a couple of weeks since Bella has spoken to Meredith. She has tried to call her several times, and it isn't like Meredith to not make constant contact. Bella is starting to really wonder about her because she needs to get her to come back up for her wedding! Bella mentions this to Alice, and Alice looks in on her through her visions - and she can't SEE HER.

They aren't sure what that means, but it is VERY unusual for Alice to experience this. The only time she does is if someone dies - she no longer has anything to read from them. AND, since Meredith has been changed into a Vampire; Alice hasn't met her as a Vampire yet, so she can't see her in her visions anymore. A clairvoyant thought crosses Alice's mind and she decides to check in and see what Victoria is up to - and is shocked by what she sees.

We would switch to Victoria and Meredith and what they are doing. Running wild and creating a swath of death everywhere they go - and having WAY TOO MUCH FUN doing it, ha! Here's a rough estimate of what Meredith looks like She's a character that has been bouncing around in my head for a long time; and she having ALOT of fun being Bella's BFF-turned-Vamp friend, ha!. :)

Bella pays Jake a visit and brings a wedding invitation to give to him, personally. She's hoping to smooth things over even more with him before her rushed wedding starts; and she's more than a little sad about what Alice saw happen to Meredith. Alice has told her that she is a total monster and that she is dead inside. Bella is heartbroken, of course... And Jake knew her for awhile too, so they kind of had her in common for awhile. They will mourn together over her for a bit, but they will carry a sliver of hope inside that Alice could be wrong.

I know, you would think there would be some sort of manhunt going on for Meredith, right? Someone should have been there asking questions about who saw her last, etc. We haven't really gone into Meredith... She happens to come from a VERY rich family who is about as interested in her as they are in the paperboy who delivers their paper every morning. She often takes off for weeks at at time, and they don't notice she's gone. They PROBABLY don't even know she went to Forks!

During this time, alot of chaotic things will be happening SIMPLY because of the rushed wedding on TOP of lots of out-of-town guests on TOP of Meredith being turned into a monster... Bella is really kind of pushing through this time in order to get through it as quickly and painlessly as possible; because she's pretty sure that when it's over, her life will calm down and she'll be able to settle in with Edward at college for awhile and just... Live like a semi-normal, newlywed couple (for awhile). All she has to do is GET THERE, ha!

So... the day of the wedding finally arrives, and since I haven't read it all the way through, you can probably put in whatever Stephenie put in here - EXCEPT, include the Volturi, ha! I would have included a little craziness because of them and the other Vampire guests of the Cullen's, but I wouldn't have had them ruin anything. Aro would be checking in with Edward and Bella to make sure that they still plan in turning her, soon. Bella, will reassure him and even tell him she's looking forward to it, ha!

I'm not sure what Jake would be doing during this time... He'd be sad of course, but I'm not so sure that this Jake would be QUITE as heartbroken as Stephenie's Jake about all of this. I mean, they didn't really get to bond in a solidifying way before Edward came back. (I'm pretty sure that I've forgot to mention that Jake and Bella HAVE had at least one if not two good kisses while they were spending alot of time together in New Moon/Eclipse.)

I think Jacob would be semi-okay, but not happy, of course. I think he would still dance with Bella. Maybe somewhere during THIS time, Edward and Jacob will have the opportunity to do some hatchet-burying. Edward could tell Jacob that he tried to go to "give him a shot" (he'll put it more tactfully than that, ha!). It won't heal everything, but it will help alot.

So, I think the plan is... After the wedding, Bella and Edward would go off on their Honeymoon to Esme Isle; and The Cullen's would be taking off within a couple of days after that in a small caravan with whatever stuff everyone is taking that is going to be moving to Seattle.

I'm not sure where they all go, I think in the books they all drift off in different directions when they go off to college, don't they? Maybe they would do that, but they all might also end up in Seattle. I'm not sure nailing down this point matters much right now. But, Carlisle and Esme will move to Seattle with Edward and Bella because Carlisle pretty much has his choice of jobs there, and Esme can do whatever it is that Esme does, ha! They will KEEP their home in Forks as their weekend, getaway home - how Seattle, ha!

Edward and Bella will go straight to their very nice rented home in Seattle to start college within a few days after they return from their Honeymoon. I think Edward is having the house in Forks built during this time... I think he's planning on giving it to Bella as a Christmas gift.

He's thinking ahead... When Bella is ready to be changed into a Vampire (after the first half of their first year in college - during Spring Break or something), she will want her own home while she adjusts to Vampire life. It might take her a few years - maybe even a decade or so, before she really starts to want to interact with Humans. Turning into a Vampire WON'T be EASY for THIS Bella, ha!

While she is living in Forks, Carlisle could maybe write her a doctor's note to take the college courses that she can from a distance. What they can work out, they will... Bella isn't all THAT concerned about college at this point, but she IS planning on deciding on some sort of career eventually. I think she's thinking that she will know more about "what she wants to do" with her life AFTER she adjusts to being turned into a Vampire. And WHILE she is adjusting, maybe she can get some of these beginning courses out of the way.

So Bella and Edward go off on their Honeymoon... I think Bella has already taken that pregnancy test and she already knows about it; BUT she also knows that Edward is probably going to freak out. And while she IS a little worried about what is going on with her body with this little vamp-creature inside of her; she obviously isn't NEARLY as worried as she maybe should be (after all, she isn't feeling bad). Bella just wants at least a LITTLE bit of unfettered Honeymoon bliss with Edward, ha!

They will do some naked rolling around in Esme's pretty sheets and/or on the beach a couple of times; but it will be soft and sweet, simply because that is how Bella is feeling - also, kind of "careful". She is the one who fuels them both at this point, and Edward just kind of goes along for the ride. I think they would spend alot of time simply enjoying being able to be this close to each other. I mean, they have a LICENSE and everything now, ha!

I think there would be lots of snuggling and playing and talking... They probably have alot of catching up to do, it's only been a couple months since they made up, ha! And Edward doesn't mind not being pushed too hard on the sex issue. It isn't exactly easy for him, even if it is awfully MIND-BOGGLING, LoL!

It would be AS MUCH fun for Edward as it would be for Bella, JUST because she is Human. Her warm/hot touch alone would feel incredible to him AND being so thoroughly connected to Bella's SOUL would make the ride extra-fun! He would feel EVERY LITTLE THING she feels - and of course, what Bella feels would be multiplied a few times over because of Edward's mystical effects on her soul. Sex is pretty much a win-win situation for both of them, ha!

Bella's wedding present to Edward is pretty simple... She would have had her mom bring up her box of old journals, and asked Alice to send them wherever she and Edward were going on their Honeymoon (since Bella doesn't know, ha!). She figures it will give him something to read while he's wide awake all night watching her sleep, ha! And Edward is JUST the kind of weirdo Vamp-hubby who would ENJOY doing that. After all, he brought a freaking CHESS BOARD on his Honeymoon - Of COURSE he would do that, LoL!

The Cullens will leave Forks in a small caravan of vehicles and maybe a small moving truck with odds and ends. Jacob will be watching them leave from a distance. After Bella leaves is when his heartbreak really starts to set in. He'll need his own mourning/healing time, now.

And, it just so happens... that not long after they leave, Victoria and Meredith wander into town to pay a visit to Bella and The Cullen's to start causing trouble. Because the people of Forks know Meredith as Bella's friend, they will find out easily enough that Bella & Edward have married and they've all moved out of town.

Meredith is a little disappointed, but Victoria's less-but-lingering tracker sense from James tells her that this is a good opportunity to get to know their enemies better. They go out to the Cullen's to have a look around. They wander through the house but everything is pretty clean and in order. Meredith would probably have some fun doing some vandalizing. Eventually, they find themselves outside by the garbage cans. They dig through it looking for information and strike gold - Bella's pregnancy test that she thought she had buried VERY deeply into the bottom of a bag.

Victoria can tell it is from Bella by the smell and she starts REJOICING at what an incredible piece of DIRT she has just discovered on these Cullen's! And just as she is starting to get into her dance of joy and Meredith joins her - JACOB comes romping at them in his mystical-wolf self.

He overtakes Victoria right away while Meredith takes off running, terrified. She immediately senses Victoria's death, stops in her tracks and turns to look back. She's put quite a bit of distance between her and Jake, but he could still pursue her. They stare at each other for a bit, and Jake phases back into his Human form. At the loss of Victoria, Meredith is feeling utterly and completely alone in this world - like half of her has just been ripped away.

Jacob says her name and calls to her... But she takes off, sure that she is no longer welcome in Forks by anyone. He thinks about chasing her and he's torn. She's someone he knows, it's not so easy thinking of her as a monster. In the end, he lets Meredith go.

And Meredith... A newborn who has just lost her maker/sire (does Stephenie even have a name for them in Twilight?); eventually comes to the conclusion that she needs to go find the only other Vampires she's ever heard of - the Volturi.

The MORNING Bella & Edward leave to return home from their Honeymoon (maybe the day before); Bella will finally tell Edward about her improbable pregnancy (NO, she WON'T be ballooning, yet). I did read through some of this in Stephenie's version, but it's a little fuzzy to me, now. Bella will be suspicious of Edward's response and intentions, and she will call Rosalie ahead of time again for back-up.

We switch to Meredith finally reaching the Volturi and standing in front of Voltaire. She would of course be a little overwhelmed by it.

In meeting Aro, Meredith wouldn't have to tell him that she and Victoria discovered Bella's pregnancy; he will read it from her hand. I'm not sure what Aro's initial reaction would be. He WOULD be concerned about a Vampire-Human hybrid baby. But at first, I think he is equally divided between the issue of Bella's pregnancy AND this very interesting newborn Vampire who just walked in off the street. He will be tending to the matter, but he isn't quite in a "let's get that done NOW" mood yet.

For now, he might just post a couple scouts close by (who can also become "hands-on" if/when necessary) - but not too close, to keep an eye on what's going on with Bella's pregnancy. He is no doubt very interested in the fact that it could even happen. Something in him WANTS to see how it develops. As far as he is concerned, he has lots of time to inject his presence into the mix. We would flop back and forth between Meredith and Bella during these next few months.

Let's talk about Rosalie for a bit... Rosalie gets a bad rap throughout Stephenie's writing. If I didn't know any better, I'd say Stephenie Meyer was not only "anti-Human", but anti-Woman", as well. NONE of her leading female characters are anything other than shallowly-written to have the faintest flickers of visible strength within them. I don't have to read about that, absolutely EVERYONE (including Twihards) says that Rosalie is written as a biotch all throughout this saga.

HOWEVER, I did NOT ENTIRELY get that impression of her in "Midnight Sun".

Admittedly, Midnight Sun only tackles the beginning of the story, BUT Stephenie talks about all The Cullens more. In Midnight Sun, Rosalie is written as being CONCERNED about her BELOVED family - and YEAH, she is on Jasper's side with regard to killing Bella. NOT just because she's a biotch and has nothing better to do; but because THE first priority for HER is her family!

She's as 2-dimensional as any other Vampire, she doesn't care about BELLA in the beginning. Bella is "just another Human" to her. It isn't WORTH it, in HER opinion, to RISK their existence over this girl. That doesn't make her a biotch, that makes her an over-protective mamma bear!

ALSO, and MUCH more importantly... Stephenie missed out on a REALLY good opportunity to represent the feminine concept of beauty as a STRENGTH. Rosalie is not only stunningly beautiful, but her "power" is supposedly BEAUTY - but, it is written as the most shallow kind. When Edward reads her mind, he doesn't see much beyond vanity.

THIS rewrite would have EXPOUNDED on Rosalie's VERY insightful ability to SEE BEAUTY in everything - INCLUDING a Human existence, even though she is a Vampire! She is so against Bella being changed into a Vampire because she CAN SEE what Bella will be giving up. Rosalie, just like Edward, doesn't view their own Vampire species with very much respect - so she doesn't see much beauty in it. Beauty is something she tries to bring into her life.

Edward will be a worry-wart and watching Bella closely - of course he would do that, ha! He takes her immediately to Carlisle, and Rosalie and Emmett AND Alice are already there. He can now see from THEIR minds that Bella called ahead to Rosalie and they get into a discussion over it.

Just as in Stephenie's version... Edward will immediately want to get rid of this baby asap in order to keep Bella from getting hurt. THIS situation IS an impossibility AND a complete unknown. He is NOT willing to risk anything - certainly not Bella!

I think in Stephenie's version she has Bella holing up somewhere with Rosalie - maybe at her new cabin. I think she would end up staying at the Cullen's for awhile with Rosalie close by (not that Edward would leave). The whole family will be in on the discussion, and it would become heated, at times. I'm pretty sure Stephenie does this.

At the end of this very first, heated family discussion; Edward is going to take his new Father-in-Law up on the promise he made to him, and go tell him the truth about what is going on with Bella. He doesn't care how mad she may get at him OR what her feelings surrounding terminating this pregnancy are. HE is a semi-two-dimensional VAMPIRE focused on ONE intent - KEEP Bella alive.

Charlie will immediately come and Bella will be pretty angry with Edward. I'm thinking that the fact that he feels he's RIGHT, will overshadow whatever consequences he thinks he may have to deal with regarding this issue, later. (I can kind of identify with this at the moment, LoL!) YEAH, Edward is going to get a little crazy and too-focused for alot of us to like him very well for a little while.

That's OKAY, this Bella is PERFECTLY capable of dealing with BOTH him AND her father, ha!

I know, ALOT of women go on and on about Bella being an anti-feminist Mary Sue. And while that may be how Stephenie Meyer has her WRITTEN; thanks to our girl, Kristen Stewart, that isn't the Bella I came to know and love in the movies. YES, I LOVE Kristen's Bella, ha!

Bella is feeling pretty Ok so far, but she IS starting to crave things like blood more intently. And when her body appears to become weaker, they will LOGICALLY give her some, and it WILL help. WHY didn't they think to give Bella blood on their own, asap? I swear, Stephenie Meyer created some of the dumbest Vampires on the planet! It certainly wouldn't take a medical degree or a sarcastic werewolf to think of that.

During this time, Carlisle comes up with a pretty good theory about how Bella got pregnant - it won't take him long, there aren't very many possibilities. He's pretty sure it has something to do with an unanticipated side-effect of the re-animated blood that they all drink. Click here if you still haven't read that explanation, yet.

After a couple more weeks, Bella and Edward will eventually come to a compromise. She will explain her concerns better to him - 1) What IF they abort this baby and it turns out to be a semi-normal thing. How BAD will they BOTH feel; and 2) she'll tell him about how she feels about this baby and how rotten it makes her feel to think that if anything DOES happen to her; he will feel about this baby the way she believes her parents felt about her. (See "Edward learns a deep, dark secret of Bella's" in the Twilight rewrite.)

He will tell her how HE feels (I think Stephenie goes into this some) about losing her; and he will insist that she agree to the possibility of terminating the pregnancy if things get dire. She will agree to that IF Rosalie, Alice and Esme ALSO agree with the decision at the time. Edward will FINALLY take Bella to their new home and carry her over the threshold per tradition, of course, ha!

We would cut back to Meredith in Voltaire.

Aro will have taken a great deal of interest in Meredith... She didn't exactly turn out to be a run-of-the-mill Vampire, herself. He has discovered that not only is she a refreshing DELIGHT to be around; but he - as well as anyone else in earshot - falls into the most exquisite, utter contentment when she plays a musical instrument.

She projects emotion from music. At Voltaire, she would probably play alot of classical music. As a Vampire she would EXCEL at BOTH playing & writing music. (Meredith was a musical savant (Cellist) to begin with as a Human, for those of you who may not have read the first chapter rewrite, yet.)

And Meredith is in HEAVEN... She's found the ULTIMATE Daddy, ha! Someone who actually takes an interest in her, cares what she wears (even though it's not quite her style, she's found some goth-looking stuff laying around that she likes). Plus, Aro has no doubt had someone take her shopping - maybe he's even take her himself, ha! He always enjoys spoiling and mentoring his newborns. It's one of his favorite ways to get to know them.

At the end of the first day of their meeting, Aro wouldn't have given Meredith a choice - he would have done a classically-horror Vampire thing and "requickened" her to be "his newborn". Meaning, he would have re-drained Meredith's blood and given her his blood to sort of override Victoria's effect on her.

Doing this wouldn't completely annihilate any connection between Meredith and Victoria IF Victoria were still alive; but it would considerably weaken it. AND doing this would impose Aro's mystical essence on Meredith, even altering her abilities a little bit. In this case, SINCE Aro is such an old and VERY powerful Vampire; he basically enhances the powers Meredith already HAD, and also created ANOTHER ONE in the process (see above, she projects emotions through Music now).

By the time Meredith first reaches Voltaire, Bella is about 2 months along, and Bella will start to show shortly after this - maybe around 2.5 to 3 months. The baby will grow faster than a normal Human baby, but not so fast to be a blur, ha! *I* like the idea of Bella and Edward enjoying some of that "dreaming about our baby" time together. It would make what happens later that much more excruciating.

Bella will eventually develop problems with her pregnancy that will force Carlisle to put her into bedrest. As her womb grows, it is becoming harder and thicker; and it is becoming impossible for ultrasound waves to pass through it for them to see what is happening with the baby. However, Bella is starting to have serious back pain; and Carlisle can see by the ultrasound that the umbilical cord is really thick - like a treetrunk that has embedded roots into her. He'll put her to bed and she'll have to say there; or literally risk breaking her back. (WHY the hell didn't they do this in the book/movie? Again, *I'm* not a doctor, and even I can think of these simple little medical things.)

I'm not entirely sure what all is happening with everyone else at this point... Would they tell Renee anything? Where is Jacob and what is he doing? We would probably be seeing him around, although I'm really not sure about Renee. She isn't someone they can really bring in on their Vampire secret, and they will probably not be able to keep the fact that this baby is a Vampire from her. I think they will wait to see what comes out before they think about saying anything to her - if they ever say anything to her.

But, Charlie and Jacob, I think they'll be paying visits... Jacob would have mentioned by now that he killed Victoria after they left, and they will be relieved to hear that. But they will wonder about Meredith and talk about maybe going out to try and find her after the baby is born.

Charlie & Jacob will have a mixed bag of feelings about this baby situation, much like Edward. (Hell NO, Edward WON'T talk to Jacob about sharing Bella! DAMN, there really are SOME things I wish I could just CUSS you out for, Stephenie Meyer!)

WHAT kind of BULLSH*T was THAT?! (Yes, I read this part COMPLETELY not expecting it, and was about as APPALLED as I could POSSIBLY be!) Edward is a VAMPIRE! He would EFFING KILL BELLA HIMSELF before sharing her with ANYONE! Sometimes I really wonder how you can LOOK at yourself in the mirror or into the face of your fans, most days.

It is OBVIOUS that you were having a REALLY HARD TIME letting go of JACOB as you were trying to swerve these two completely different sexual fantasies into each other. THAT's WHY Jake's storyline is SO DAMN SAD in this last book - because YOU couldn't STAND the thought of EITHER Jacob OR Edward being without YOU/Bella!

You HAD to find a way for Jacob to be with Bella, too - THAT's why you came up with the STUPID, dumb*ass IMPRINTING thing! You REALLY SHOULD be ashamed of yourself, Stephenie. If you have ANY integrity AT ALL, you would write this "beautiful fairytale" RIGHT through Midnight Sun for ALL of your fans like you SHOULD have written TWILIGHT from the BEGINNING!

When Bella is about four months along and really starting to look big, they decide to move her back to Forks for the birth (during Christmas break). They will do this because they will have outfitted their home in Forks with a more elaborate medical facility in case Carlisle has to do any emergency surgery on either Bella or the baby after it arrives. They can't very well deliver this kid in a Human hospital, they have no idea what is going to be coming out at them, ha!

Edward would have done a very Vampire thing at some point... He would have purposefully drank some of Bella's blood, hoping to be able to connect with the baby and see more information about it. At some point after they move Bella, he will sense an "awakening" in the baby because of this connection.

I'm sorry... This baby is NOT going to be able to understand Human language and speak it within hours. I can't imagine why Stephenie Meyer was in such a hurry with her story (other than for her to grow up fast enough so JACOB could still HAVE her), but that stuff was simply STUPID! Jeez, can't we have some "snuggle with the baby" time, Stephenie? You have her growing up so fast that no one gets to enjoy watching her growing up!

After Edward starts to sense a presence in the baby, he will start to fall in love with it - especially since Bella can't stop talking about it, ha! She has become excited about the arrival of this baby and is really looking forward to it, much to her own surprise. Edward and Bella would bond over the baby during this time. (I know Stephenie has some of that going on after he can read the kids mind, right?)

Bella will do alot of writing in her journal during this time. Not only because she's bedridden and can't do much, but because she wants to be able to leave something for her baby that tells her about herself if she doesn't survive.

They are planning on changing Bella if things get complicated - but EVERYTHING is an unknown and they can't assume anything. By this time, ALL of the Cullen's are back in Forks for the birth and Uncle Jacob (as Bella keeps calling him) and Grandpa Charlie are close by, too. ;)

Honestly, I have NOT EVEN begun to think about Renesmee up until this point. She is a character that I haven't become attached to, yet. But now that I'm thinking about her, you can probably expect that to change, ha! I'm trying to decide whether or not to change her name. Hmmm... It's not like anyone is paying attention to what I'm writing in here. So, I guess I'll change it to Meadow Rose unless I hear a bunch of complaints before I get that far...

The Rewrite Summary of Breaking Dawn Continues Below this Long Sidestep.

This is a sidestep... WHY am I dragging my feet on continuing this rewrite; and a detailed summary on HOW these rewritten Twilight ReVAMPED Vampires are DIFFERENT from anyone else's Vampires INCLUDING Stephenie Meyer's, Buffy/Angel's, and True Blood. This is ALSO a GREAT introduction for those of you who haven't watched much Buffy or Angel - LOTS of YouTube videos. This page is sort of my "go to" resource whenever I start to really get angry about all this, LoL!

The Rewrite Summary of Breaking Dawn Continues...

Sorry for the sidestep... For whatever it's worth to you, these little vents DO help me work through to the rest of the story, ha!

It's maybe been a month or so, give or take a couple of weeks since The Cullens have moved Bella back to Forks. I think Carlisle would have taken a leave of absence for the last few months - I bet he could do that. While he COULD commute back and forth from Forks, it isn't a good idea to be so far away from a patient that may need immediate, on-demand (and unknown) emergency assistance.

Jacob will be as worried about Bella as anyone during this time, and he will visit even more often, now. This is when their relationship really starts to take that significant swerve back toward the sweet friendship they once had - although it would become something more enriched and fulfilling for them both (Jake will feel NO PULL toward the baby!). And while Jake is still of course, a little heartbroken over losing Bella; he is much more concerned about her possibly dying.

About the time Bella is starting to get a little too big for comfort, it would have been a couple of weeks since Edward began to sense an awakening in the baby. When Bella's body starts to show even more signs of stress, they will ALL come to the conclusion that NOW is the time to take this baby. They are hoping for it to be developed enough to survive outside of Bella's womb - even if it is premature.

Bella will agree to this because her Vamp-sisters will have Okay'ed it; PLUS, Bella trusts Edward's and Carlisle's judgement alot more by now. EVERYONE has developed some sort of bond to this baby by this time and it is OBVIOUS, ha!

What month is this... January/February, I guess. Christmas has come and gone and Bella got her new home in the woods. She LOVES it, of course! They actually all spent Christmas day up there, but the place hasn't really been used yet because Bella has been in the mini-hospital room at the Cullen's so Carlisle can monitor her closely.

Charlie has been in on all this, too. Before he leaves, he tells Bella that he'll "see her and his new grandbaby in awhile". And he'll tell her that he's proud of her for being a strong girl and following her heart. He'll tell her that he WOULDN'T HAVE CHANGED A THING about bringing her into this world - even IF he had to go through the heartbreak with her mother. That will make Bella feel really good, of course. Charlie won't tell her goodbye. Bella will tell him that he's going to make a really cool grandpa. He'll probably give her a kiss on the forehead or something.

There will be no Vampires rushing around like chickens with their heads cut off. They will have been planning on this for awhile - even remodeling the house to be ready for it. Everyone will take their pre-assigned places.

Carlisle would of course be in his doctor position, and I think Rosalie would be his nurse. She is probably the one among them - aside from Carlisle and hopefully Edward - who would be able to resist any temptation the baby may bring, because she has such a sense of protection about this baby.

As far as the others, I'm sure Emmett is close by just in case he's needed. I think Jake will be waiting with him - just outside the door. Emmett is sort of unofficially assigned to killing the baby if it comes out as a Rosemary's Baby Cyclone. No one's said anything, and no one has asked him to do this. It's just kind of unspoken and understood among them.

And it's funny, because Jacob kind of has this in the back of his mind, too. Edward can see both of their thoughts and says nothing to either of them. I think he's kind of relieved to have that kind of backup in case the WORSE thing happens. In any case, IF the baby comes out fine AND the Cullens are having a hard time resisting it BECAUSE it MIGHT be such a fresh, innocent Human creature - Jake is close by so that HE and Charlie can take it to safety - AWAY from the Cullens - if needed.

In fact, they purposely have the baby's nursery situated at Bella & Edward's cabin - NOT only because that is their home, but because they are SURE it is going to be something hard for them ALL to resist, at first. Carlisle is really the ONLY one among them - with the exception of Edward (and maybe Rosalie), and even HE is up in the air - who could probably live around this baby semi-comfortably until they each acclimate to it's presence. The nursery is pretty high tech and includes LOTS of extra-expense for stuff like a venting/filtering system that can hopefully help make the baby's scent bearable within the room/home for her Vampire family.

Jasper and Alice are kind of the weakest among them, so they will wait with Charlie. Esme will also have to leave. SINCE she was turned into a Vampire shortly after miscarrying HER baby, I would think babies and children, in general, would be a weak spot for her.

In fact, Esme probably has a hard time with pregnant women, in general. I bet she's had a hard time being around Bella. BUT, since she's been living like this around Humans for awhile now, her resistance and willpower is pretty built up; AND she knows she's got this baby coming that may be pretty difficult for her to be around (and she KNOWS she will WANT to be around it - Grandma Esme, ha!). She will literally stick it out and work through her difficulties. She will be careful with the baby at first, however - knowing all this about herself.

Everything will start out Okay - they have kept Bella awake, although Carlisle has given her a small, local shot to help take the edge off the pain; but she's aware and watching. Edward is with her, of course.

Carlisle starts the incision and is able to pull the wiggling baby out - still inside the hardened sac. Just as he is getting ready to try and cut the treetrunk umbilical cord with LITERALLY an extra-sharpened, sterilized pair of tree-trimming sheers - the cord snaps away from Bella's spine causing her to go into a major hemorrhage. Bella screams in extreme pain.

Rosalie continues to help Carlisle as he quickly tries to get the bleeding under control. Edward grabs the baby and USES a super-sharp surgical KNIFE to cut her out. He wraps her in the blanket Rosalie threw to him and holds her as he's also holding onto Bella's hand and watching Carlisle. He can of course see what Carlisle is seeing, and he's starting to feel panicked.

Bella has calmed down some, but she's in alot of pain. She gazes at Edward holding the baby. He's already told her that it's a girl. The pain becomes beside the point. She smiles up at the baby while she's all snuggled into Edward's neck. She was crying, but she stopped when he got her into a cozier position. Edward isn't even sort of paying attention to the baby at the moment. She stopped crying and now he's almost totally focused on what's happening with Bella.

Bella looks into her baby's eyes and they are of course, the most beautiful thing she's ever seen. This moment touches her, deeply. She has never imagined such an incredibly powerful experience filled with more love she ever thought possible. She feels like she is going to burst with love for this baby.

A name for her pops into her head and she says it out loud, reaching her hand out to hold the little one's fingers, "Meadow Rose".

She smiles up at Edward as he turns to look at her. "That's her name."

Bella looks over at Rosalie, whose head has just popped up at hearing the name. "You're Godmamma, I'm not asking". She says with a calm smile. Rosalie is touched but busy - I think she just smiles or something and says, "It's a very pretty name, Bella. I would be honored".

Edward and Bella probably say stuff to each other. She'll tell him that she's Ok now - even if she doesn't make it. She's never been happier, and she never expected to ever be this happy no matter how long her life was to have lasted. JUST KNOWING that this baby will probably get to live out a long, full, happy life with him makes her heart SOAR!

Carlisle can't fix the damage - it's too much. When things start to look hopeless, Rosalie will go to Edward and offer to take the baby from him to clean her up, etc. She's feeling Ok about it, so far. Edward will hand her the baby and she and Carlisle will leave so Edward and Bella have a little privacy.

Edward kind of has to wait until just the right moment... Until Bella gets to that place sort of between life and death. There are a few things that can go wrong when you're changing a Human into a Vampire. Timing is one of those things that needs to be "on". It is almost always a conscious decision to turn a Human into a Vampire. And Vampires are kind of picky... They don't change just anyone, because the connection is truly eternal "until death us do part" whether you like it or not. There is NO undoing this mystical connection.

Edward will hold Bella but they won't do much talking. She's almost unconscious by this time. There is probably some "life flashing before your eyes" stuff going on for both of them. Remember... Edward is metaphysically connected to Bella. He's not just "feeling her die" - it FEELS like he is actually dying, too. NO, this CAN'T be easy for him at ALL!

Maybe he is EVEN seeing some intermittent things that are going through her mind as it starts to wander off... Kind of like it skirts the dream world as it goes beyond into death. Bella would maybe see some things as hallucinations or something, and Edward will see them, too. That would be really hard for him... This is the last time he will see her dreams or get a glimpse into her mind. There is a part of him that will deeply mourn losing this connection with Bella.

Edward gives her some of his blood at just the right time. It doesn't need to be much, just a swallow or two. And since her body is RIGHT at the point of death, it will immediately start to respond to the mystical and metaphysical effects of Edward's blood.

I'm going to go off on a "what happens" during this time, tangent... First, MOST Vampires DIE for awhile when they are changed. That's why they come up out of coffins and dig themselves out of the ground, etc. Human people actually SEE them die, give them a funeral and bury them. They are usually dead for a few hours to a few days before the turn is completed and they claw themselves out of their graves as immortal Vampires.

HOWEVER, we CAN'T do that to our beloved BELLA! The FIRST time I read through this part almost a year ago, now... *I* hadn't put that much thought into how Vampires changed, before. And while I realized that Stephenie obviously had a whole bunch of things wrong about them in her story; I thought the way she described Bella changing into a Vampire was really cool.

I'm going to LEAVE how Bella changes into a Vampire THE SAME as Stephenie originally wrote it - with Bella's heart beating slow & steady up until the moment she is finally done baking - SIMPLY because I thought it WAS BETTER! (I know, every once in awhile I'm sure I shock the hell out of you all, ha!) DAMN, that was some really beautiful writing, Stephenie! It seemed like the WHOLE WORLD skipped a beat when Bella's heart STOPPED beating just before she opens her eyes.

THAT's how this Bella would go through the transformation. It MAKES SENSE that the effects of Edward's blood would keep her heart barely beating and that it would INCREASE to a slow, steady beat until the change is completed. During this time, NOT ONLY is Bella's body being changed into a Vampire; but it is being HEALED, first! THAT's why Vampires almost always turn out to seem so perfect and beautiful (IN Stephenie's world) - because that is part of their change. Their imperfections are perfected. (YES, this means that ESME wouldn't have a "baby pouch", ha!)

These Vampires will die too, but they will spend only a few moments on the inside edge of death before they are essentially locked into the prisons of their Vampire bodies.

Being changed into a Vampire - as far as the SOUL is concerned - isn't any different than when a HUMAN actually dies. At the moment of death a Human's soul begins to essentially dissolve into the non-corporeal thing that it is from the body AND the spirit.

Our soul is THE "supernatural", mystically-created thing about Humans that was created FOR Humans (insert whatever your own personal beliefs surrounding that are, here). It is meant to be a BRIDGE of communication (of sorts) between body & spirit - it isn't necessarily meant to be an eternal thing. It is something that CAN BECOME an eternal thing by fusing with spirit. (Of COURSE I just made all this up, ha!)

Whatever portion of the soul that may have fused with the spirit during that person's life for whatever reason, would become a part of that person's spirit that continues on in the afterlife - whatever that belief is for you. Some of us believe in places like Heaven or Hell, others believe in reincarnation, etc. What happens after Humans die in Twilight can STAY undefined so that we can all indulge in our own beliefs and not get into a silly discussion surrounding THAT, ha!

So essentially all this means is that things get flipped around a bit for Vampires... Instead of their spirits being set free after their souls dissolve, they are basically held prisoner inside of these newly-transformed bodies WITHOUT their souls to give them the emotions and sensibilities, etc. of their formerly-Human existence.

For example, when Carlisle was changed into a Vampire, he kept the portion of his soul that would have remained with his spirit into the afterlife... It became "the thing" that kept him from wanting to be a monster; and it also became the thing he was able to pass onto his Vampire children as he changed them from Humans into Vampires.

NONE of the Cullens want to be monsters because of this one thing. When I think of Carlisle's Vampire "powers", it consists of both compassion and FAITH. Compassion is what makes the Cullen's CARE, and faith is what made Carlisle able to keep a larger chunk of his soul than most other Vampires.

Spirit isn't something that can be touched/destroyed, but it can be mystically-contained for awhile in order for us "as spirits" to experience whatever kind of existence we are indulging in. In the case of us Humans, this physical container lasts about a hundred years - give or take a few decades, ha! In a Vampire's case, it can be contained for eternity - however long that lasts. :)

Incidentally, AFTER a Human is changed into a Vampire, they experience feelings and emotions differently. IF the Vampire survives WITHOUT any - or hardly any - of their soul intact (and let's face it, HOW many people don't take care of their souls very well); that Vampire would rely almost ENTIRELY on HUMAN blood in order to feed the empty hole of the hollow existence that the soul leaves behind in them (because animal "souls" are different, if you believe they have one).

ALSO, Vampires CAN FEEL without a soul JUST though their spirits via their mystical essence - HOWEVER, they are usually alot stronger than Human emotions BECAUSE they have NO SOUL to filter anything through anymore. They have a direct link to all of their feelings and emotions - however twisted those may or may not be after they are changed.

BUT, Vampires CAN ALSO FEEL from whatever portion of their soul that is left over after they are changed, AND/OR they can feel things through BOTH at the same time - JUST like Humans do! But again... It "feels" different because the soul is no longer in the same place it was when they were Humans. It is no longer connecting the body and the spirit, no longer performing the duties that it once did. Vampires no longer (usually) have much use for Human sensibilities.

It IS incredibly, mind-numbingly PAINFUL for Bella to go through the change from a Human to a Vampire. I bet it feels "heavy" - like her body is literally turning a different kind of hardened, heavier substance. Her skin probably feels sharp, painful stings like she is being stung over and over again by a wasp as all the those extra-sensory receptors of ALL kinds - not just for sunlight - form within it. She would also feel some of this inside of her body - her lungs, in particular, also have other kinds of extra-sensory receptors forming deep within them. Maybe it also feels like things are moving around inside of her.

It might seem to Bella like she is sinking deeper and deeper into something darker and darker - something further and further away from herself. It's NOT that she's such a Mary Sue that she stays quiet - she literally CAN'T move a muscle or make a sound. It's like she is entombed or buried alive inside of her own body. She probably isn't conscious for alot of it, but perhaps intermittently. But what she is conscious for won't make much sense to her. Her entire body - inside and out, INCLUDING her MIND - is being attacked and physically-rearranged molecule by molecule to morph her into another semi-mystical state of being.

There is NO SUCH THING as a Newborn Mary Sue Vampire. Maybe if you had made the Cullen's half-Human to begin with, Stephenie... But, NO. This is just another unbelievable, effortless, lazy, "DARN, I'm getting SO BORED writing this saga that's made me SO MUCH MONEY" attitude...


The Cullens ladies would have cleaned Bella up at some point, and Alice will have picked out the perfect "becoming" outfit, ha! I have no idea what that would be... I'm sure you can each come up with your ideal thing. :)

I don't know how long Stephenie has Bella out for, but it would be at least two or three days in this rewrite. They would have time to both worry about her and get to know the new baby, some...

Meadow won't have any obvious special abilities, yet - other than the fact that she was obviously ready to be born. She is the same average size/weight/aptitude as a fully-developed Human infant who has been in the womb for a full nine months.

Her heartbeat is a little slower but very strong. She's the same temperature as a Human, 98.6 (Vampires are room-temperature). They will discover that it STAYS 98.6 - she can't freeze, she can't get heat exhaustion (neither can a Vampire). She has her own built-in central air system! She doesn't NEED to wear a jacket to stay warm or take one off to cool down no matter what climate she is in.

Her skin feels like a cross between the harder, marbled-leathery skin of a Vampire and the much softer flesh of a Human. Her eyes are a pale blue, just like a Human baby; although they will eventually change to the same color as Edward's are. I think she has his hair color too, right? I thought the movie crew did a pretty good job of casting Renesmee for the Breaking Dawn movies. That little actress looks like someone took the heads of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart and smushed them together, LoL!

Meadow won't NEED to be able to tell the Vampires surrounding her what she wants or needs; she is a brand-new, UNIQUE little Human-Vampire hybrid creature who is as raw and sweet as freshly-harvested sugarcane. ALL of them can plainly sense her essence and how she's feeling. She is both a complete mystery AND an open book for them at the moment, ha!

Since she is a newborn, she doesn't have "thoughts" like we have, yet - but still, newborns probably have little newborn-type thoughts that Edward is having fun watching develop. Meadow does alot of "wondering" at this stage, ha! She also "wonders" about her mother because she isn't around. They can sense her missing Bella.

She's a little Vampire - Human mixed or not, she is almost as physically/mystically/metaphysically connected to both of her parents as they are to each other. AND, because Carlisle is technically Edward's Vampire-father; AND Carlisle also changed Esme, Rosalie and Emmet - Meadow would feel a lesser connection to each of them and vice versa, as well! She is literally - Bella's Human DNA, Edward's Human DNA and Edward's Vampire Metaphysical DNA.

Edward will have a hard time pulling himself away from Bella at first, but Esme and Alice would have eventually gently nudged him along.

Rosalie and Carlisle would have taken the baby into the sort of "hospital nursery" they had set up for her. It includes things like an incubator and a crib, an exam table, a sink, etc.

Jake will get Charlie and they will join Carlisle and Rosalie. Jake & Emmett will again wait outside the door, looking in. They are still at the ready. Charlie will of course be asking questions about Bella while he is meeting his new granddaughter (I think Meadow nips at Grandpa Charlie at this point instead of her mom, earlier, ha!).

Carlisle will tell him that things didn't go well at the end, and that Edward is trying to change her. I'm not entirely sure what Charlie would think about that, yet. I would imagine he has been in on some of these discussion; but I would also imagine that he, as much as Edward, would NOT want Bella to be turned into a Vampire. But, considering the alternative... And seeing this little baby... I think they are ALL too worried to formulate any concrete opinions, right now.

Carlisle would have checked Meadow out and given her a "WoW" at the end of her first exam. They had no idea what to expect, but they didn't expect her to turn out so "normal". I think all of them expected more of a little Vampire monster to come forth.

Meadow has just been born... We have ALL KINDS of time to figure out what her little niches will be. At the moment, I have NO IDEA what they are. I've thought about it some, but nothing has popped into my head, yet. However, I'm just starting to get to know this little girl, JUST like you are. In my experience with rewriting this story to date... The characters are telling me where they want to go. I have no doubt this little girl will do the same.

Stephenie has told you that's what SHE did... She just "wrote them off the top of her head wherever they told her they wanted to go". Maybe... BUT undefined, HOLLOW characters can't TELL you anything. The ONLY place Stephenie was taking these characters is where SHE wanted them to go. She didn't even take the time to get to know them much less anything about ANY of them - HOW could they tell her ANYTHING?! It's MADDENING! (Sorry, I'm starting to get attached to this baby now that I'm writing about her; and I'm starting to get p*ssed again. Maybe I need another Buffy break, ha!)

Carlisle comes up with an infant-formula for Meadow to eat that she LOVES, consisting of blood and Human nutrients that the Human aspects of her body probably needs - he's guessing on alot of this, and it is probably something that gets adjusted from time to time as she grows up and the needs of her body changes.

Eventually, she will be able to consume either blood or Human food as she chooses. She will OFTEN choose to eat her one of her favorite Human meals with a mug of blood as her drink. Bella is going to be really grateful for her cooking expertise because she will REALLY ENJOY cooking for her kid EVEN if she can't enjoy it much herself, anymore - ha!

BTW, these Twilight Vampires CAN ingest regular food (it would still not taste that great to them); but they don't have to worry about waste. Because of this, the Cullen's may actually sit down with Meadow and eat on special occasion, like for her Birthday and Christmas, etc. Bella and Edward may even eat with her every once in awhile "as a family" just for the fun of it. :)

I'm not sure what else about Meadow yet, more thinking to do... Bella should get to be in on discovering some of these things about her anyway. :)

Edward will eventually make an appearance. He'll let Charlie and everyone know that things seem to be on track with Bella so far. Charlie will insist on seeing her, and Edward will take him to see her when Alice and Esme are done with her. Jacob will want to come, too.

Edward will spend some time holding Meadow... He'll start thinking about how to take care of her better now that he knows what she is, ha! Before he goes back in with Bella, Edward will seek out Jacob - maybe he will still be hanging out close by. They have probably come to respect each other and their designated places in Bella's life more by this time.

Edward will ask Jacob to be Meadow's Godfather. Not just because he knows that Jake means alot to Bella and she trusts him; but because Edward trusts him TOO by this time, wants help from the Human side of things, AND he wants someone who is a Human to help be responsible for her SINCE she is also Human - ESPECIALLY now that Bella is being turned into a Vampire, too. PLUS, he can probably protect her pretty well. Jacob will be a little stunned, but he will of course, accept. Bella has always considered him part of her family, but now he's part of her entire family, ha!

Since I don't really remember the part about Bella waking up very well, I don't think much would be changed. I remember reading it and thinking it was cute - up until the hunting scene, ha!

One of the REALLY FUNNY things that kept happening as I was researching The Twilight Saga; is that ALOT of people go ON and ON about how disappointing that scene is written in the books. I think I pretty much rolled my eyes and that's where I stopped reading about that subject.

SINCE these Cullens don't HAVE to HUNT *I* don't have to worry about all that, LoL! I'm sure Stephenie skipped it because it would have been unpleasant to think about, much less to write it out, in any kind of detail. And besides, what's happening between Edward & Bella now is ALOT more fun - and, I SUPPOSE it IS! However... That doesn't mean we're not all interested in the experience Bella is going through. IN FACT, it is THE REASON many of us WERE interested in your silly saga, Steph!

After Bella wakes up as a Vampire... I read somewhere, Stephenie was responding to a question along the lines of, "why she doesn't go very deeply into Bella changing into a Vampire after she is changed" within The Twilight Saga. Her response was basically, "After she was changed into a Vampire, I had a harder time relating to her/identifying with her". (These are remembered/approximate quotes).

I am SO GLAD that I am ALMOST done with this rewrite, because I am getting really tired of saying this, Stephenie... And yet, EVERY single time I think it NEEDS to be said... IF YOU HAD DONE even a LITTLE BIT (half-hour to an hour TOPS) of research on Vampires; you SHOULD have been able to get into Bella's Vampire skin.

BUT, in my opinion, I'm not so sure research would have helped very much for you on behalf of Bella. You obviously weren't interested enough in her to take the time to get to know her as a Human character; and you don't really seem to care about her much as EITHER a Human OR a Vampire, So... I can certainly see why we have this...

For those of us who actually GIVE a CRAP about Bella transforming into a Vampire, however... Let me see what I can think up for you "OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD".

I think the first thing that would really stick out to Bella, is how incredibly STILL she feels - within and without, NOTHING within her is moving - no blood flowing through her veins, no heartbeat, etc. And while we may not notice how much motion goes on or how much noise our body actually makes throughout our moments; Bella, as a newborn Vampire would NO longer FEEL like a Human Being. She won't even remember what that was like very well, at first.

Her scent would kick in, next... At first, her senses would maybe be overwhelmed with strong smells that she has never been able to smell before; and it may be the thing that sort of shocks her into opening her eyes. I thought Stephenie did a pretty good job of describing the new colors Bella sees - that would happen. You OFTEN hear people who have gone through near-death experiences talking about seeing colors they never saw before. Bella would also hear alot more sounds including all those subtle ones we Humans barely notice and others that we plain 'ol can't hear.

Edward would be there when Bella opens her eyes, of course. The irises of her eyes would be as black as her pupils and her new Vampire flesh would literally be pale-white-dead; because at THIS moment in time, her new Vampire body is COMPLETELY devoid of blood. Her body was almost drained of it before she was changed. What little she had inside of her was utilized in the transformation along with Edward's blood. (Newborns ARE extra-strong in this rewrite, but NOT because their own blood lingers in their tissues, as in Twilight. I'm not so sure that you'd need any other reason for them to be strong other than they are new/raw.)

Bella would look at Edward and NOT recognize exactly who he is, at first; but she WILL recognize that he is someone she can trust DESPITE this - BECAUSE of the even deeper metaphysical bond they have, now. The rest will come to her slowly, but memories will sometimes seem a little distorted at first. What she does remember correctly at first, kind of seems like it is disconnected from her - like she is looking at someone else's memories instead of her own.

This is because Bella's SOUL is (almost) GONE, now! She NO LONGER has the feelings that were attached to those memories. ALOT of Vampires actually lose their memories BECAUSE memory is such a complex thing to keep from being destroyed during the transformation. BUT, it is also one of the last things that gets destroyed because it is so internally embedded within our minds, so it often gets spared or twisted a little (or alot). This is why so many Vampires are INSANE, ha!

This is also the reason why Bella knows that Edward is safe, because she essentially has no soul to filter anything through anymore. I know Bella's mom refers to her and Edward as "magnets" in Eclipse; but NOW is when they would really feel like a set of magnets because they no longer have the buffer of Bella's soul between them.

I wouldn't have the other Vampires in the room, at first... I felt like Bella's privacy was being intruded upon, like she was on display for the whole wide world. I don't think Bella would want a spotlight on her, at first. It would be REALLY disconcerting for her to adjust in these first few moments because EVEN though her Human memories surrounding "what it's like to be a Human" are no longer as familiar to her; those are really all her HEAD KNOWS until her Vampire instincts kick in and she finds her Vamp legs, ha!

Both Jacob and Charlie are staying up at the cabin for now. They have the night baby watch. While Charlie has been pretty weirded out by everything that has gone on, he is beginning to appreciate "these" Vampires. He's a cop and he's seen what monsters Vampires can be. That isn't something he will ever allow himself to forget.

But these Vamps are obviously different... AND he is enjoying the experience of having this little mystical-empathic-connection with his new granddaughter that she created between them when she bit him shortly after she was born. In fact, Meadow has kind of been a bad girl a few times and nipped at BOTH Charlie and Jacob over the past couple of days, ha! She is definitely a little Vampire who is going to have to both "be taught" AND learn to resist Human blood. It will be something she grows into, she's just and baby and isn't it cute, ha!

Bella will wake up in the dark, sometime in the middle of the night. Edward has probably checked in on Meadow a few times, but she is being pretty well taken care of and Bella is pretty much consuming his thoughts.
Despite the fact that everything seems to be going smoothly within Bella's body as far as her transformation goes; she could still wake up with any number of dysfunctional issues - she could have no memory of being Human at all, like Alice didn't; she could turn out to be a ravaging monster that they might not be able to get under control; she could be crazy... SO many things could be wrong about Bella. She may also still NOT wake up! Her heart may stop beating and nothing happens... a failed attempt.

Edward has probably been sensing Bella's slow awakening... Kinda like watching a baby chick take awhile to work it's way out of it's egg, ha!

Bella will open her eyes and look up at Edward. He will take her hand as she reaches out to help her sit up. She will gaze into his eyes quietly for a few moments as things start to settle into thoughts in her mind - if Edward needed to breathe like a Human he would probably be holding his breath right now, ha!

The first thing Bella will say to Edward is, "Where is my baby?" She will ask this question directly with very little emotion behind it.

It took me awhile to think of "what Bella's first words would be" - some of you may have noticed a semi-long pause before this continuation. I'm just writing this out as a summary, so I haven't gone into much detail with alot of things... But, this is one thing *I* wanted to see happen in detail along with alot of other estranged Twihards; so I guess I wanted to sink into Bella's skin a little bit to see what REALLY could have happened to her as she is changed in a real-make-believe Vampire.

WHAT WOULD Bella's firsts thoughts be... When a Human is changed into a Vampire, the SITUATION surrounding their death CAN almost have as much IMPACT on their developing personalities as is the influence of the mystical essence of the Vampire who changed them.

That's why Esme has a hard time with pregnant women, babies; and to a lesser extent, children - because of "where her mind was at" at the time she was dying. It's probably also why Rosalie's finance didn't stand a chance after she was changed.

It probably felt like her CALLING to make him die in the most appropriately-horrific way, ha! Neither Carlisle nor the rest of her family even tried to stop her - maybe Edward suggested it because he could read her mind; but Carlisle would have known that Rosalie would never have been able to move on with her Vampire existence if she didn't take care of this loose end of her Human life "her way".

Bella's traumatic death experience would have influenced HER change in the same way. The LAST thing she saw is the most potent memory for her that would have survived - her baby's eyes. It MAY have even been one of the last things Edward saw in her mind while she was dying. They would have been like crystals she was focusing on. The memory of them would have embedded itself into her mind - not JUST the physical appearance of them, but how her little newborn soul seemed to glisten and sparkle behind them.

Bella would have TWO parallel sets of thoughts going through her head in this moment... 1) as a new mother, she WOULD be curious about her baby and feel a powerful, protective connection to Meadow; but SIMULTANEOUSLY, 2) as a NEWBORN VAMPIRE absolutely DEPLETED of blood - Bella would CRAVE the soul-essence of her baby's blood MOST of all!

Bella is now a Vampire and ALOT more 2-dimensional without the majority of her soul - just like the rest of her Vamp family. She will be FOCUSED, at first, on wanting this baby - BOTH to get closer to her because she loves her; AND because there is NOTHING she would rather sink her teeth into.

Edward won't be able to read Bella's mind of course, but he'll be tuned-in enough to know - ESPECIALLY with his own experience as a Vampire - that Bella has an underlying reason for wanting to know about her baby (because of the way she said it AND because of the direct connection he has with her now). It will immediately concern him, and he will hand her the first of several large, pre-filled thermos's of blood.

As Bella is drinking the FIRST one, he'll send a text to Alice to get her butt up here, now! (He'll say it in a more "Edward" way, of course, ha!) Alice needs to meet Bella as a Vampire so she can see future visions surrounding her. After Bella's pregnancy began to escalate, Alice lost her ability to see Bella because of presumed "interference" from the baby. And just as in Stephenie's version, Alice can't see anything surrounding the baby - probably simply because she is "different". Her soul/spirit probably reads differently than either a Human's or a Vampire's.

Alice can sort of "fast forward" on people, however... She can't read Bella's visions; but before she heads over to Bella's room, she'll do an "immediate future sweep" on Edward to see what kind of mood Bella is in before she enters the room; AND to see if she can "catch" any glitches ahead of time.

She'll see Bella insisting to Edward that she wants to see her baby NOW - and she's starting to get pretty upset about it in Alice's vision. Alice is as aware as Edward is regarding what this could mean, and ALICE in many ways is SO brilliant... I'm not sure WHY exactly, maybe because of her being clairvoyant. (She IS TRULY one of MY favorite characters of Stephenie's.)

First, she has NO memory of being Human to cloud her judgements. Second, she's probably tapped directly into the ether "just enough" to "just know" or "just see" stuff - and many times, she SEES it as FACT, LoL! This is why Alice seems so strange to everyone, because part of her head probably lives in the ether and she talking from two different planes of existence most of the time, ha!

Alice has an idea that she starts working on immediately - she doesn't even have to go see Bella, yet. She'll come prepared; and since Edward can read her mind, he'll see what the delay is and be a little relieved for the help. It SEEMS like a good idea...

As soon as Edward starts handing Bella thermos's of blood, she literally has no choice in the matter. It is as automatic for her to grab one and drain it, as it is for a newborn Human baby to suck on a bottle. She won't be saying ANYTHING, she's seriously PARCHED. She's downing them like college kids downing plastic cups of beer at a frat party, and not spilling a drop, ha! As soon as she's done with one, she hands it to Edward and he hands her another opened one.

I don't know how many Bella drinks before she starts to slow down... Her skin will slowly start to get some color into it, and her eyes will begin to slowly lighten up. She'll also begin to think a little more coherently because of the re-animated blood that she is drinking. What little of Bella's soul is left is being ENHANCED by it ever so slightly... It helps, kinda like something dry being lubricated.

Let's talk about Bella's slice of soul for a bit... As it turns out, Bella would probably have kept a small sliver of her soul no matter what kind of Vampire had changed her. She was a young girl who was very in touch with herself, she cared about people AND things, she expressed herself through her journal and fed her soul throughout her life. Yeah, she was young, but she probably grew up fast and pretty alone at times. She basically became her own best friend, ha! PLUS, dying so her baby could be born was PROBABLY a pretty intense soul-fusing experience!

So Bella would have kept a larger portion of her soul than normal JUST because of how she took care of her soul while she was a Human - some of her original soul would have begun fusing with the spirit part of her before she died. It may have been similar with Edward because he was a musician. Carlisle kept a portion of his own soul for HIS own reasons (as did Alice & Jasper) - it didn't necessarily have anything to do with the Vampire who changed him.

Bella would have kept a portion of her own soul, PLUS the effects of Carlisle on Edward would have allowed her to not only keep just a little bit more; but ALSO as much of the "compassion" aspects of things that could be saved. THIS will help Bella ALOT with Alice's little idea, later.

Bella will feel a little more adjusted when she asks Edward about her baby again. He'll tell her that Meadow is beautiful and fine. And he'll promise her she will get to meet her just as soon as she feels like she can without hurting her.

Bella will KIND of "get this", but she's still a little fuzzy in the head. She is starting to understand that she has just gone through a major change - like, everything inside of her is trying to collect itself and understand what it going on within itself. It's like a bunch of brand new, heavy-duty, state-of-the-art machines are being turned on all at the same time in a brand new factory. They all have to get in sync and work together.

Edward will ask Bella to try and relax and tell him what she remembers (he won't need to ask her how she's feeling). That's when Bella will try to focus on him for a bit... NO, neither one of them are thinking about jumping each other's bones, yet. It isn't the sexiest thing on the planet to DIE in childbirth then wake up as a Vampire with your immortal beloved!

It would have been FAR SEXIER if Edward had changed Bella during a romantic moment... I have no idea if that thought ever crossed Stephenie's mind, but it SURE would have been nice! She could have had this whole, dire baby birth; Bella could have LIVED for awhile and ENJOYED some Human-mama baby time AND her Human existence with Edward; and then someday at the timing she & Edward chooses...

Yeah, I think it would have been a MUCH more satisfying story for us all. Bella's change could have maybe been the end two or three MORE books AHEAD (I know, Stephenie would have had to THINK UP ADVENTURES for them to go on that didn't necessarily center around Bella - not sure that's something she is capable of).

It would have been the start of another PHASE of their "eternity" together. *I* think Bella would have ENJOYED seeing the WORLD as a Human and getting to explore it with her new family - MAYBE even finishing college, etc. She would have those experiences to contradict how different things become for her after she changes into a Vampire. YES, as I said earlier - little sips of EDWARD's blood could have KEPT her whatever age she wanted to stop at for however long she wanted to look that old, ha!

GOSH, throw away all those damn treatments and creams, Ladies - we all just need to find a willing Vampire who will donate! I KNOW... WE would ALL be HAPPY to donate a pint of blood for their nutritional cause FREELY every six weeks in exchange for just ONE little sip a month to keep us all looking GORGEOUS, LoL! (If you're out there and you REALLY exist, Vampires... I hope you're reading this and it gives you ideas, ha!)

We could have gotten to know Bella more as a Human, and then when she was changed into a Vampire; we would have been able to CLEARLY SEE what had changed about her. DAMN, really... THIS is *my* biggest heartbreak about this dysfunctional story. I wanted to follow along with Bella and watch her live out her life BOTH as a Human AND as a Vampire... But Stephenie just ignored it and replaced it with what SHE wanted for Bella. (Insert HEATED "C-WORD" for SMeyer HERE!)

The way this story is currently written makes me SAD beyond the telling of it...STILL after ALL this time... GOD, I'm beginning to wonder if all this frustration and resentment is EVER going to go away! (Incidentally, I'm sure it would help ALOT if just SOME of you would throw me a bone and sign my damn petition, ha! We ONLY need 50 measly signatures to SEND it to these companies, and that's ALL I'm really looking for - some sort of SPLASH out here that they will SEE!)

So, NO... There will be no "curling inappropriately around Edward " anytime soon for Bella... SEX would NOT be at the top of her Vampire-to-do list!

Edward and Bella will talk for a bit while they are waiting for Alice... Actually, every time this conversation has played out in my head it has been different BUT the tone is always the same. It's quiet, soft... Edward is talking to Bella in a calm, low voice. She's responding, but she's a little detached... I may flesh this conversation out a bit more for you, later.

Like I keep saying, Vampires are somewhat 2-dimensional; and Bella would LOSE alot of her Human sensibilities during her transformation. Her personality WOULD change, a bit. Her responses (at first) would maybe seem kind of selfish and "all about me" - maybe even childlike, at times. They would be simple, direct and probably pretty emotionless to begin with.

Bella remembers who Edward is by now, but her Human feelings surrounding him are kind of vague. And YET, it's NOT like she doesn't feel close to him. I think her thoughts are kind of in a conundrum for at least the first hour or two until the blood starts to really sink into her body.

When Vampires are starving they kind of dry up inside. Yes, they can live practically forever without feeding (like if they get buried alive); but their bodies would become incapacitated until if/when blood was ever restored to their systems to rejuvenate it. Bella's new Vampire body would need time for the nutrients from the blood to absorb into her tissues before it can begin "working its magic" into her.

Eventually, Alice will make an appearance... Bella has continued to insist that she wants to see her baby. Alice actually manages to enter the room quietly (I guess I keep seeing Bella waking up in Edward's old room in that big, King-size bed, ha!) NOT as her usual whirlwind self. She has seen Bella in her visions and knows she needs to tone things down a bit.

Alice is pretty good at smoothing things over, though... She'll elaborate more about Meadow for Bella and tell her that she's still sleeping (which, she is) - and that she's brought a bunch of pictures and a few videos for her in the meantime. Alice's little project was to gather everyone images and videos from cell phones and digital cameras (you know everyone has been taking TONS of pictures, ha!); and put them online in one place so they could show Bella picture after picture of Meadow WITHOUT having her in the same room with Bella.

Doing THIS will actually stimulate Bella's "compassion" feelings along with any other feelings she may have leftover surrounding her baby, along with everyone else's image she is seeing - Edward with the baby, Charlie with the baby, etc. This would go a LONG way toward helping Bella to develop a stronger bond to her baby and her family inside of her newly-developing mystical Vampire essence. I've probably forgot to mention that the first few moments/hours for Vampires ALSO have a HUGE impact on their development.

We would have seen this contradiction with Meredith & Victoria. Victoria would have DESTROYED Meredith's beloved Cello (that she called Romeo) BECAUSE she was TRYING to turn her into a monster. Meredith would have turned into one anyway, of course - but a sire, in particular, can sway the development of a new Vampire in this way.

IF they had introduced Bella to Meadow before IMPRINTING the image of her into Bella's mind, Bella would have been struggling with her scent at the same time - which will be very strong to her. Bella WILL fall COMPLETELY back in love with Meadow while she is looking at image after image up on Edward's old computer screen; AND Alice and Edward will be telling Bella about how special Meadow is WHILE still handing her thermos after thermos of blood, ha!

After a couple of hours go by, the sky will start to lighten "Breaking Dawn" and the rest of the Cullens will come around to welcome their newly-hatched Vamp chick. Carlisle will give another WoW on her first exam, too. She'll be PERFECT, of course, ha! He'll go into even more details for her regarding Meadow from a doctor's perspective.

By the time Bella finally sets her eyes on Meadow later that morning... She will be well-satiated with blood; reasonably-adjusted in her head; understand that she is feeling these TWO equally-powerful DESIRES surrounding her baby inside of her - to love her AND to drain her; and she will be very cooperative because she knows these Vampires, trusts them, AND she can FEEL a connection to them beyond anything she's ever felt before - especially with Edward, of course.

Charlie & Jacob have been informed that Bella is Ok, by now... But it's not like they can really come running and give her a big hug, ha! Alice has sent them a cell phone photo of Bella after her eyes and skin started looking more normal. Charlie is so relieved when he sees it, that he breaks down into tears in the bathroom!

Update 6/29/12 - I did a REALLY stupid thing... I watched Breaking Dawn hoping for inspiration for the last part of the rewrite, and now I've lost all desire to finish this. It is amazing how FINAL things feel after I watched it. There really is no changing any of this, is there - EVEN if Stephenie rewrote it through Midnight Sun? It wouldn't be so heartbreaking if I couldn't see how good The Twilight Saga COULD have been.

Here's a couple of ending tidbits so this isn't quite a dead stop for you... Bella would NOT have been able to get close to her baby for MONTHS (maybe four) after she is born; but the Cullen's would have rigged up some kind of way for her to do things like talk to her and read her stories through heavyduty plexiglass or something.

Bella's new power is rooted where her DREAMS used to come from. They work in combination with her emotions AND her imagination. Edward would have been able to help Bella figure it out since he could SEE her dreams when she was Human...

She would have discovered it when Aro and Meredith came with the Volturi to cause trouble... Aro would have had Alex freeze everyone at some point (except for Bella, of course). He would have frozen her baby too, and THAT would have made Bella VERY upset.

Bella would have pried Meadow (frozen) out of Rosalie's arms and held her for the first time (and she would have "melted" in Bella's arms, untouched and probably crying, terrified - which wouldn't make Bella very happy, either. Those EVIL meanies making her baby CRY!). It would have been HER sensibility-changing-moment surrounding Meadow (similar to Edward's in New Moon when he's kissing her madly as he's discovering Bella is alive); and she would have been able to hold Meadow and be a complete mom for her from then on.

Bella would also have ended up killing Meredith (because you KNOW Meredith would have said or done something that pissed Bella off even MORE). FIRE would have come into play somehow, and Bella wouldn't have realized where it was coming from, at first. (Although FIRE isn't necessarily Bella's power - her POWER is WHATEVER her emotions can tap into and "think up". In THIS case, she's angry and "just wanted a ball of fire to come down and burn Meredith to the ground". She could just as well be inspired to "think up" a cute little make-believe pixie for Meadow to play with when she inspires JOY inside of her when she hears her baby giggle. :)

As a Vampire who is NATURALLY AFRAID OF FIRE, Bella would have taken off like a bat of out HELL when she saw it - baby in arms, ha! Edward would have had to catch up with her and help her control it (because it would have been following them like a wildfire). He would have helped her realize what was going on - WHERE else could it possibly be coming from since HE can SEE what is going on CLEARLY in her mind JUST LIKE when she was sleeping.

Bella would have "accidentally - yet indirectly intentionally" (ha!) killed Meredith with the first ball of fire she "thought up"; but after she starts to "feel where it's coming from" inside of her, she'll get a handle on how to control it. Aro would have been VERY CURIOUS about this AMAZING new power of Bella's, but it's not like Edward is in the mood to shake his hand, ha!

Aro would have offered a compromise... He would COMPLETELY forgive Bella for killing Meredith IF she AND her family were to come live with them at Voltaire while Meadow was growing up so that they can monitor her progress, as well. PLUS, he'll be able to keep an eye on Bella (and Edward and Alice), too!

But Bella isn't exactly the sweet Human pushover she once was, and she isn't even SORT of in the mood to forgive him yet - if ever (she's not that happy about losing Meredith, even IF she is the one who killed her). AND, the LAST place she would want to raise Meadow, even as a Vampire, is Voltaire.

Bella will FULLY STEP INTO her Vampire existence and tell Aro simply - but in no uncertain terms (she wouldn't make a long speech); that "Meredith was MINE to KILL", and she would have also made it clear that this is THEIR territory and NEVER to come back unless they were ever invited sometime in the FAR distant future AFTER he has managed to re-earn their trust and respect.

Aro would have been FORCED to leave, and as he does; he will make sure he "thinks" a warning to Edward. Bella has made an enemy of him and the Volturi today (the REAL kind), and he has eternity to get to Bella/Him/Meadow/The Cullens. He's a VERY patient Vampire...

Bella would have sensed a concern rise in Edward over that thought; and realizing he just read something, she would have asked him about it. He would have hesitated for a moment out of habit... Always trying to protect Bella from unpleasant things. But she isn't Human anymore. Bella is a strong, beautiful, well-equipped VAMPIRE. Edward will tell Bella exactly what Aro thought without any editing like he often does.

Bella would respond to Aro, yelling at him in defiance from across the forest, "The end of eternity is NEVER, Aro!"

Aro would have found all this even MORE fascinating as he's walking away hearing this, ha! He'll realize he has some lessons to teach...

I could go on and on and on with this story...

THE END of The Twilight Saga: ReVAMPED & ReWOLFED


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