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About the Human-Vampire Hybrid Baby in Breaking Dawn ReVAMPED Fanfiction Rewrite

Original Date of Post: 6/20/12

This is an excerpt from the Twilight: Breaking Dawn ReVamped & ReWolfed Rewrite

I don't know how long Stephenie has Bella out for, but it would be at least two or three days in this rewrite. They would have time to both worry about her and get to know the new baby, some...

Meadow won't have any obvious special abilities, yet - other than the fact that she was obviously ready to be born. She is the same average size/weight/aptitude as a fully-developed Human infant who has been in the womb for a full nine months.

Her heartbeat is a little slower but very strong. She's the same temperature as a Human, 98.6 (Vampires are room-temperature). They will discover that it STAYS 98.6 - she can't freeze, she can't get heat exhaustion (neither can a Vampire). She has her own built-in central air system! She doesn't NEED to wear a jacket to stay warm or take one off to cool down no matter what climate she is in.

Her skin feels like a cross between the harder, marbled-leathery skin of a Vampire and the much softer flesh of a Human. Her eyes are a pale blue, just like a Human baby; although they will eventually change to the same color as Edward's are. I think she has his hair color too, right? I thought the movie crew did a pretty good job of casting Renesmee for the Breaking Dawn movies. That little actress looks like someone took the heads of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart and smushed them together, LoL!

Meadow won't NEED to be able to tell the Vampires surrounding her what she wants or needs; she is a brand-new, UNIQUE little Human-Vampire hybrid creature who is as raw and sweet as freshly-harvested sugarcane. ALL of them can plainly sense her essence and how she's feeling. She is both a complete mystery AND an open book for them at the moment, ha!

Since she is a newborn, she doesn't have "thoughts" like we have, yet - but still, newborns probably have little newborn-type thoughts that Edward is having fun watching develop. Meadow does alot of "wondering" at this stage, ha! She also "wonders" about her mother because she isn't around. They can sense her missing Bella.

She's a little Vampire - Human mixed or not, she is almost as physically/mystically/metaphysically connected to both of her parents as they are to each other. AND, because Carlisle is technically Edward's Vampire-father; AND Carlisle also changed Esme, Rosalie and Emmet - Meadow would feel a lesser connection to each of them and vice versa, as well! She is literally - Bella's Human DNA, Edward's Human DNA and Edward's Vampire Metaphysical DNA.

Edward will have a hard time pulling himself away from Bella at first, but Esme and Alice would have eventually gently nudged him along.

Rosalie and Carlisle would have taken the baby into the sort of "hospital nursery" they had set up for her. It includes things like an incubator and a crib, an exam table, a sink, etc.

Jake will get Charlie and they will join Carlisle and Rosalie. Jake & Emmett will again wait outside the door, looking in. They are still at the ready. Charlie will of course be asking questions about Bella while he is meeting his new granddaughter (I think Meadow nips at Grandpa Charlie at this point instead of her mom, earlier, ha!).

Carlisle will tell him that things didn't go well at the end, and that Edward is trying to change her. I'm not entirely sure what Charlie would think about that, yet. I would imagine he has been in on some of these discussion; but I would also imagine that he, as much as Edward, would NOT want Bella to be turned into a Vampire. But, considering the alternative... And seeing this little baby... I think they are ALL too worried to formulate any concrete opinions, right now.

Carlisle would have checked Meadow out and given her a "WoW" at the end of her first exam. They had no idea what to expect, but they didn't expect her to turn out so "normal". I think all of them expected more of a little Vampire monster to come forth. (Oh, come on - I'm SURE that little baby bite is cute as hell - even IF she's biting Bella after her body has been ripped to shreds, ha!)

Meadow has just been born... We have ALL KINDS of time to figure out what her little niches will be. At the moment, I have NO IDEA what they are. I've thought about it some, but nothing has popped into my head, yet. However, I'm just starting to get to know this little girl, JUST like you are. In my experience with rewriting this story to date... The characters are telling me where they want to go. I have no doubt this little girl will do the same.

Stephenie has told you that's what SHE did... She just "wrote them off the top of her head wherever they told her they wanted to go". Maybe... BUT undefined, HOLLOW characters can't TELL you anything. The ONLY place Stephenie was taking these characters is where SHE wanted them to go. She didn't even take the time to get to know them much less anything about ANY of them - HOW could they tell her ANYTHING?! It's MADDENING! (Sorry, I'm starting to get attached to this baby now that I'm writing about her; and I'm starting to get p*ssed again. Maybe I need another Buffy break, ha!)

Carlisle comes up with an infant-formula for Meadow to eat that she LOVES, consisting of blood and Human nutrients that the Human aspects of her body probably needs - he's guessing on alot of this, and it is probably something that gets adjusted from time to time as she grows up and the needs of her body changes.

Eventually, she will be able to consume either blood or Human food as she chooses. She will OFTEN choose to eat one of her favorite Human meals with a mug of blood as her drink. Bella is going to be really grateful for her cooking expertise because she will REALLY ENJOY cooking for her kid EVEN if she can't enjoy it much herself, anymore - ha!

BTW, these Twilight Vampires CAN ingest regular food (it would still not taste that great to them); but they don't have to worry about waste. Because of this, the Cullen's may actually sit down with Meadow and eat on special occasion, like for her Birthday and Christmas, etc. Bella and Edward may even eat with her every once in awhile "as a family" just for the fun of it. :)

I'm not sure what else about Meadow yet, more thinking to do... Bella should get to be in on discovering some of these things about her anyway. :)

Edward will eventually make an appearance. He'll let Charlie and everyone know that things seem to be on track with Bella so far. Charlie will insist on seeing her, and Edward will take him to see her when Alice and Esme are done with her. Jacob will want to come, too.

Edward will spend some time holding Meadow... He'll start thinking about how to take care of her better now that he knows what she is, ha! Before he goes back in with Bella, Edward will seek out Jacob - maybe he will still be hanging out close by. They have probably come to respect each other and their designated places in Bella's life more by this time.

Edward will ask Jacob to be Meadow's Godfather. Not just because he knows that Jake means alot to Bella and she trusts him; but because Edward trusts him TOO by this time, wants help from the Human side of things, AND he wants someone who is a Human to help be responsible for her SINCE she is also Human - ESPECIALLY now that Bella is being turned into a Vampire, too. PLUS, he can probably protect her pretty well. Jacob will be a little stunned, but he will of course, accept. Bella has always considered him part of her family, but now he's part of her entire family, ha!

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