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Suggestions & Advice for Twihards on Upcoming Events and Personal Fan Encounters with ANY of Our Favorite Character Actors & Actresses

Original Post Date: 9/2/12

LOTS of celebrity events are coming up and Robert and Kristen are going to be doing things like walking up the same red carpets, doing interviews and sharing the stage - AND you'll be seeing them around!

Here's some advice and suggestions NOT ONLY for if/when you have the opportunity to meet any of your favorite Twilight actors & actresses... But I'm ALSO including some tools & ideas for you to help deal with your own swirling emotions right now. I'll add more as I think of them. Feel free to add your own in the comments below or send them to me in email and I'll add them up here. (

1) Relax and be yourself! I would imagine that is one of the fun parts of being a celebrity - coming across all those DIFFERENT kinds of wonky people! We ARE fun and EVERY single one of us IS, in BOTH our uniqueness AND the way we like to stick together and share connections. Yeah, we Humans CAN BE pretty damn cool. :)

2) PRETEND or TRY to forget (if you can) like NOTHING unusual has happened... DON'T ask them personal questions about this "cheating" situation, how they're coping, etc. SOME of you MAYBE can get away with asking them how their doing - kinda depends on the situation and how genuine your intentions are. But you know how it is... When you are CONSTANTLY being asked that question while you're going through stuff like this, it can get old real fast.

And this might be "too hard" for some of you, so if you just can't manage to maintain control - DON'T beat yourself over the head because of it... BUT, try to make sure YOU are emotionally buffed up before you encounter them so that you don't break into tears when you see them. They are professionals, and I'm sure they've been dealing with teary fans for awhile. But their emotions are RAW and "on the surface" right now. Let's try to keep a grip out there, girls. :)

3) TRY to refrain from EXTREME one-on-one gushing for awhile - Fan crowds like the Breaking Dawn Premier, KNOCK yourselves OUT! You can still probably get away with that a little with Rob (and really Kristen has no choice either, ha!); but understand that this is a really sore wound right now and they are probably both feeling a little conspicuous (self-conscious) about it. And, they both seem kind of shy to begin with... Low key fan encounters are probably preferred. :)

BTW... You FANS who greeted Robert at the NY Premiere by BOOING because he didn't stop for you were WAAAAAAAAY OUT OF LINE! Come ON, Twihards - TRY not to be so damn selfish!

4) DON'T go on and on about how YOU FEEL about all this (which ALSO includes gushing about how you are pulling for them, etc). It's NOT that they don't care and/or they don't realize YOUR pain... I'm SURE they "get" what's going on with all of us. They read, they have people to keep them posted, they KNOW already. AND, if you don't have anything NICE to say to them - WALK ON BY! They know about all of YOUR issues, as well. Kristen does NOT need to be STONED over this!

5) If you come across any of the other members of the cast & crew of The Twilight Saga, do NOT ask them about any of this, either. It ISN'T FAIR for you to put them in that position.

6) TRY not to be too intrusive and ALWAYS respect their space. You all KNOW how to be polite and judge situations as to whether or not you injecting yourself into whatever they are doing is too rude or not. You should NOT need instructions about that.

7) IF you feel like you're JUST DYING inside because you feel like you NEED to communicate with one or both of them, directly - WRITE them a letter. I'm SURE they are expecting THAT kind of in-pouring from ALL KINDS of different perspectives. Yes, they have people that read that stuff for them, prefilter it - and WHO KNOWS if they will ever see it. But really, you don't need them to actually READ it (some of you may not even have to send it, just write it) - it's just a good outlet of expression for you. PLUS, you NEVER know... ha!

This is How to Send Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Fan Mail:

Robert Pattinson
c/o Endeavor Agency
Stephanie Ritz
9601 Wilshire Blvd. Floor 3
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Kristen Stewart
The Gersh Agency
232 North Canon Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

ALSO, for those of you who could REALLY USE a couple of good tools for dealing with your swirling emotions and incessant thoughts about this maddening situation. Here you go:

Here's a REALLY GOOD Way to Release & Vent Emotional Steam - it's called the "Silent Scream". It is both a Psychological Technique AND something Actors/Actresses use to help them regulate their emotions before/after a scene. I've used it as an emotional release for YEARS whenever I was in need of a good, FAST vent (works really well in retail, ha!). Btw, you can scream "out loud" - but you really do NOT need to. You can hurt your vocal cords - be careful.

Here's another good tool if you like to write, and even if you don't... You'll find Bella using this technique in my 1st Chapter rewrite of Twilight, ha! It's simple, really... Just start writing whatever you are thinking AND feeling on a blank piece of paper - a PENCIL works best for this because of the way it glides on the paper, but anything works.

Sometimes it's kind of hard to start, and sometimes you have all kinds of stuff to say - during the "blank" times when your emotions are not coming out through words, CONTINUE your progress by SCRIBBLING your emotions onto the page. KEEP scribbling until more words come, and GO until you feel like you're done - you'll eventually feel a release like you've vented steam. You might need to start out scribbling. You are basically pouring your emotions out through the pencil.

Here's a Worthy Diversion
if you need one
BUFFY the Vampire Slayer
Saves the Day - AGAIN!

And ALSO for those of you who just
CAN'T let go of Twilight right now because
you're PULLING for it - here's the entire storyline of
"The Twilight Saga: ReVAMPED & ReWOLFED"
up on without most of the hot critique.

If nothing else, this will give you a FRESH view of Bella
beyond the one that is clouding your brain right now. Bella &
Edward are both VERY close to "the real thing" in this rewrite.
It MAY actually HELP you separate Kristen & Bella in
your mind; and even Robert from Edward a little... Although
that is more unlikely. Since he is the person we are all in deep
sympathy with, you're probably sinking deeper into him.
And with your heads where they are right now, it is
PROBABLY NOT a good idea for you to let him go, yet.
But it IS a good idea to start thinking about releasing him,
Ladies... It will probably make all the films he has coming
out after Twilight more enjoyable for you if you can dislodge
your ideal of him from your ideal of Edward, just a bit.

KEEP in MIND, however... If you LOVED Kristen/Bella before you STILL love her.
Anger is just a part of that - you wouldn't BE so mad if you didn't CARE.

We estranged Twihards get that. :)

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