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What WOULD it be like for Bella and Edward to have sex BEFORE she is turned into a Vampire?

Please note: I've received some complaints, and yeah, you're right - this post does not get very nasty or naughty. However, it DOES give you a BUNCH of ideas for HOW Edward & Bella's first sexual experience COULD have gone - use your imagination, that's what Stephenie was trying to get you to do when SHE wrote it. ;)

Actual Post Date: 6/20/12

BTW... I DID read about Bella & Edward's first sexual encounter in Breaking Dawn... I had to DIG to find the passage, it's like looking for a needle in a haystack, ha! If I remember correctly, it is all of a couple sentences long. I think I remember the last line of it... "I felt like a LIVE WIRE."

Uh Huh... I'm SURE you did, Stephenie... BUT, you FORGOT to include your ACTUAL sexual fantasy after that line, LoL! I BET it was just TOO HARD for her to CHOOSE from ALL the VARIATIONS she probably had of it in her head, so she SKIPPED it like she did so many other things that would have required too much thought and/or RESEARCH. I would imagine that it also felt like she was exposing too much of herself. I know, heaven forbid she actually SET ASIDE her own silly fantasy and create an ACTUAL STORY!

Oh no, that's right... Stephenie wrote Bella empty and hollow like that for US... so that WE could all insert our OWN little fantasy in here and have our OWN way with Edward Cullen!

"I didn't write these books specifically for the young-adult audience. I wrote them for me. I don't know why they span the ages so well, but I find it comforting that a lot of thirtysomethings with kids, like myself, respond to them as well..!" Stephenie Meyer, Author of The Twilight Saga

This is an excerpt from the end of Twilight New Moon & Eclipse ReVAMPED & ReWOLFED Rewrite...

Edward isn't really around much. He IS close enough to watch alot of private conversations between Bella and Meredith, and he WILL go back to watching her house at night while she is sleeping. But Bella will have asked for a little time/space during their conversation on the plane back to Forks from Italy, and he will be giving her that space.

After Bella & Meredith say goodbye and she leaves (Charlie will take her to the airport); Bella will make her way to the meadow (I'm pretty sure she can drive the truck most of the way). She'll meet Edward there, of course... They won't have planned it, but it won't be a surprise for either of them to meet up like this.

I only have this roughly thought out, but here goes...

Edward has been feeling awfully bad all this time... He's better, because he has read alot of Meredith & Bella's conversations; AND he knows that Bella has broken Jacob's heart. But still, he can't read her mind and in many ways she is a complete mystery to him. He has been miserable!

They will have a really cool conversation about Bella forgiving Edward. After Edward apologizes to her (and you KNOW it will be a really good one!); Bella will tell him something like, "If it took you leaving me to figure out that we're supposed to be together, then it was worth the pain."

This is another thing that alot of ladies don't like about Bella, she seems to forgive Edward too easily afterwards. I don't know how Stephenie wrote it; but after that BIG DAMN "I F*#k~ng MISSED YOU" KISS at Voltaire, the ONLY thing Bella will need to forgive Edward is TIME. And she won't need much, just a "settling" of her emotions.

They are both STILL obsessed/enthralled with each other and STILL very much in love. And again, Edward is a VAMPIRE! Because of this, both he and Bella are on a much faster track than maybe they should be. Edward will go "over the top" like he often does and ask Bella to marry him toward the end of their conversation. Bella is AFRAID of marriage and she's already told Edward this long before. He's just hoping...

Bella will NOT say no, but she won't say yes, either. She'll say something along the lines of, "It's not like I'm planning on spending my life with anyone other than you, Edward. I just don't want anything to change." (It would be an intense conversation, and this is just a rough draft.)

Edward will understand this, especially after what he has just put Bella through. He will be a little disappointed, BUT he will give Bella his mother's ring ANYWAY. (He'll have some romantic reasoning to go along with it.) He'll put it on her right hand instead of her left, kind of like a commitment/promise ring instead of an engagement ring. He'll promise he'll NEVER leave her again - HE's making this commitment, NOW. Edward would wait forever for Bella to say "I Do", ha! Brace yourself.

Edward and Bella will make love at the end of this conversation! OMG, but she isn't married, yet! How DARE I?! Hold onto your panties, Ladies... ;>

LET's TALK about that RING, first, ha! I've read that ALOT of people HATED it... And admittedly, when it comes to "style" we each have our own idea about what Bella should be wearing at any given moment. (I, for one, am getting really sick of the color olive-green on Bella, LoL!) And ALSO admittedly... The ring DOES appear to adhere (whether accidentally or intentionally) to the timeframe of a Victorian engagement ring - which preceded the Edwardian era.

But, DAMN that ring Edward gives Bella in Twilight is UGLY as SIN! (My apologies to those of you who went out and bought one - to each their own, ha!) For *me*... It was another WEIRD thing about this "saga" that I saw, that my mind immediately rejected (like the baby's name). There was SOMETHING about it that just didn't seem right, ha!

So LATER... I'm reading an article just before Eclipse was getting ready to come out, about how the studio had paid some professional jeweler to CUSTOM-design an appropriate ring. Stephenie Meyer supposedly saw the ring, rejected it, drew a picture from her head, handed it to the person - and that boring, oval fantasy of STEPHENIE MEYER's is what we all got INSTEAD of the probably MUCH PRETTIER one the designer had originally came up with.

This was probably YET ANOTHER instance where Stephenie brushed aside a professional's opinion thinking that HER opinion was ALL THAT - when she REALLY shouldn't have, LoL! I have no idea what Edward's mother's ring would be like... But here are a few other options for those of us who would REALLY like a different one!

Edwardian time didn't last very long - for about as long as Edward Anthony Mason was alive as a Human, I think - from around late 1890 to early 1920's. So, SINCE his mother's ring was PROBABLY an heirloom that was handed down, it was probably a Victorian ring.

There were 3 different Victorian "ages" each with their own style. Edward's mother's ring could have been from any one of them depending on how long it had been in the family - although it COULD ALSO have been a NEW ring that her fiance had purchased or had made for her. In THAT case, it would have been an Edwardian and/or Gilded ring (since they lived in the US, apparently - it's AMAZING all the really NEAT things you learn while doing RESEARCH, ha!).

But, by the LOOK of the original ring, it would HAVE to be a Victorian ring - which could SOMETIMES be really simple and plain. THIS ring was supposed to be EDWARD'S MOTHER'S RING - NOT a boring ring that BELLA would pick out for herself OR one that Edward would have chosen FOR her. (PLUS, I SERIOUSLY doubt he has THAT BAD of taste even if he HAD picked it out. He would probably have LOST ALOT of us girls at that point, LoL!) Edwardian and/or Gilded rings are too ornate and pretty for Edward's mother's ring to be from that era.

Victorian Rings... Many times, Victorian engagement rings were cast in either silver or ROSE GOLD (which was very popular). They WERE sometimes very plain, but not always. They usually had a single stone; and then the "wedding ring" was added during the ceremony that consisted of TWO stones that surrounding the single one. Those stones represented the witnesses to the exchange of vows. This is apparently where "wedding sets" came into play. I had a hard time finding many antique ones that I liked still intact. Here's a pretty good link on the history of Victorian engagement rings.

But, there were also other options for engagement rings of the Victorian era. MOST people didn't have diamonds yet, and what they did have were small. The big blood diamonds started to pour into the world a little later... BIG diamonds during this time were reserved for ROYALTY and nobility. So alot of engagement rings were precious stones SOMETIMES accented with small diamonds:

The EARLIEST Victorian rings are considered to be "Georgian-Victorian". Here's a pretty one that IS "just diamonds" but they are all small.

And here's another similar one with a colored stone in the center of rose gold. I think THIS is one of *my* favorites.

This is another favorite and REALLY pretty with two deep red Garnet stones and seed pearls - here is the link to it so you can get a good look it it up close. This would apparently have been an actual wedding ring, but I bet it would have worked well as an engagement ring, too.

Here's are a few other pretty ring options that might have belonged to Edward's mother. Pick one or do a search for your own, ha!

YES, they WILL do the naughty ALL afternoon long, both in and out of the sunshine, LoL! Ok, I know what you ladies are all going to be thinking, 1) Does Edward's penis sparkle in the sun - of COURSE, LoL!; and 2) "What about Bella's virgin blood smearing all over the place?" Ick, I supposed we HAVE to think of that. But honestly, *I* wondered THAT about the Honeymoon!

I would think - BECAUSE Edward is a Vampire, it would be damn near impossible for him to have "virgin sex" with Bella without going into a frenzy. I don't think ANY Vampire could do that! So just glaze over this, Ladies... Like you did with Breaking Dawn. Isn't this where the "true love" part comes into play? Maybe there is a lake they can take a dip in, plus Bella has her backpack. She is ALWAYS (usually) prepared, ha! (Gosh, doesn't a HOT SPRINGS close by sound good!)

Vampire sex isn't quite the same as plain 'ol Human sex (not that Human sex isn't FUN ENOUGH, and not that I actually know about Vampire sex, ha!). But REALLY, it WOULD be DIFFERENT! Let's think about it for a moment...

Sure, Edward has a sliver of a soul... But it works differently now, and Vampires don't usually have one. Becoming a Vampire is a DISEASE or a CURSE, depending on your version of a Vampire. They can NEVER be cured of it because they have been so completely physically altered. (However, in the mystical world even the word "never" has it's exceptions - ie., Buffy's Angel and Spike. But, Buffy's Vampires are DEMONS and alot of mystical magics surround their existence.)

In this rewritten version of Twilight, I've been treating it more like a disease since we're trying to keep things simple and stay away from stuff like magic. The EXCEPTION to this rewritten Twilight Vampire disease is that a Human CAN KEEP a sliver of their soul that CAN INFLUENCE their Vampire personalities BASED ON "how" (not NECESSARILY "how well") that Human has nurtured their soul before they were changed.

This is why Vampires usually like to turn Humans who are "bad" or "evil" to begin with... They will probably turn into Vampires with the tendencies they had developed within themselves as a Human. Things like being able to lie really well or fight really well, etc.

They turn Humans who will compliment their soulless Vampire existence, and SIMPLY FEED off the extra-yummy ones they want to "feel like"; BECAUSE it is LIKELY that a person who smells better already HAS a partially-soul-fused spirit. They are REALLY (usually) too yummy for them NOT to kill. And besides, a completely soulless Vampire is MUCH more useful within the cadre, ha!

A Vampire can't "just start to care" about a Human while they are draining them - that wouldn't happen. They do NOT have "care" Human sensibilities. (Maybe THIS is more Alice & Jasper's issue - they seem to CARE more about the individual they are draining. The Cullen's seem to have compassion about Human life, in general.)

In the case of the Cullen Vamp family, Carlisle's POWERS of COMPASSION & FAITH instill the UNUSUAL sense of Human morality into their existence (Alice & Jaz each have their own reasons) - however large or small that may seem to them at times. I get the impression that it isn't THAT HARD for the Cullen's to step into their Vampire soullessness because it's got to be RIGHT on the edge and something they almost have to consciously work at to be aware of. (I LOVED how Rosalie SWOOPED in on her fiance to kill him in that wedding dress, LoL!)

THIS is probably where the effects of the re-animated blood that the Cullens drink really comes into play. It probably HELPS them maintain this awareness easier because it ALSO enhances - by SLIGHTLY "re-animating" - what little of a soul they have left inside of their bodies/brains.

I'm SORRY... Twilight's Cullen Family Vampires are the EXCEPTION to Vampires being soulless, evil creatures of the NIGHT - EVEN within TWILIGHT in this rewrite! I'm TAKING Vampires AND Werewolves BACK and LETTING you KEEP your idyllic ones at the SAME time!

The MADDENING thing is that STEPHENIE could and SHOULD have DONE this! WHY and HOW her silly para-Vamps have become the mainstream NORM is mind-boggling to me! JEEZ, don't get me STARTED on how dysfunctional the Vampires ARE now in my beloved Sims 3 GAME! Twilight has penetrated SO MANY things in our culture. It wouldn't be so BAD if they were ACTUALLY WORTHY of such a STATUS!

A REWRITTEN Twilight Vampire is basically what a HUMAN would BE like on this planet WITHOUT a soul. It is a disease that strips a Human being of their soul - which has been provided for us to exist in a potentially harmonious life on the Earth, depending on how we use this gift. When the soul is destroyed, things like the ability to process physical sensations into emotion is destroyed along with it. Drinking blood is kind of a treatment for the symptoms of their disease.

For instance, a Vampire has a strong sense of smell. And while we Humans can smell a Thanksgiving Turkey filling up a house with YUMMY aromas AND feel warm and nostalgic as we remember previous Thanksgivings with our families - Vampires can't process the input INTO EMOTION from their MUCH stronger physical sensations surrounding ANYTHING. All they can do is smell is the turkey really really well!

MAYBE it might cause them to remember past Thanksgiving Dinners they had with their families while they were still Human; but they would no longer feel the warm feelings that originally went along with it - in fact, if anything, it would IRRITATE them that they don't feel them anymore. THAT's why Vamps don't usually hang out with us Humans. We aren't very "relatable" for them anymore - we're just yummy, ha!

IF a Vampire were to feed off a Human WHILE the Human was feeling these "nostalgic emotions" THEN they would both be able to feel that Human's life experience surrounding that, and POSSIBLY be able to feel just a little bit of their own if they ever had similar ones before they were a Vampire.

Without a soul, Vampires may SEEM magical and amazing (and they CAN be); but they lack their "third dimension". And when it comes down to it, they are in a great deal of ETERNAL emptiness and angst. Because even though their bodies have been changed into these more-suitable Vampire "spirit-only" filled vessels; their physical, soulless, formerly-Human bodies are PRIMAL and wild in comparison without a soul to provide them with the subtle, ENRICHING delicacies of HUMAN LIFE that their bodies CRAVE.

Draining someone of their life force is VERY MUCH like sex for them. They LOVE violence because those are STRONG, primal feelings for us Humans - fear, terror, horror, etc. They are ALSO attracted to really potent, innocent Humans like babies, children and VIRGINS, etc. for the same reasons - draining a child is the ONLY way they can really "feel" that innocence... and IF they have terrorized that child first, THEN it's GOURMET baby, ha! (This is a really good and FUNNY (truly funny) YouTube video splash of Spike the Vampire and Willow the Human girl from 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' talking about WHAT is actually 'sex' for a vampire. Be prepared to laugh HARD - Stephenie missed out on so many treasures that would have made her saga even MORE amazing than so many people think, ha!)

The way the Cullen's drink Human blood - through this re-animated Human "dead" blood is VERY MUCH like being "vegetarians" for Vampires because they are NOT causing the Humans they eat to become traumatized, NOR are they hunting them down to indulge in just the really good ones that would no doubt TASTE MUCH better to them. BUT, Vampires don't NEED the soul essence of the Human blood they drink to be "wound up in terrifying sensations" - THAT's just something they do because of their primal, soulless nature. THIS is WHY the Cullens still HUNT. It helps to satisfy some of those primal desires - especially big game like Bears and Mountain Lions, I would imagine, ha!

And since our beloved Vamps aren't into hardcore horror because they all have a slice of their own souls and a sense of Human morality - they are just fine with the blood they drink. ANY other Vampires would find the blood they drink DISGUSTING in taste. (Alice would actually have imported in REAL (very expensive and WELL-made) Human blood wine for the Volturi and their other Vampire guests for the wedding because of this).

MUCH of what Edward has been experiencing with Bella up until this point has been within his "mystical Vampire essence" NOT his physical body - although he certainly has become aware of her and experiences her through his physical body. But what he feels is UNFILTERED through a Human soul. His Vampire feelings and emotions are much stronger and direct because he NO LONGER has his Human soul to filter things through. What soul he has left is FUSED with his spirit. It can no longer be the bridge between his body and his spirit that it once was.

Our SOUL is what gives us Humans our Human Dimension. The scent of BELLA's soul has been a remarkable pull for Edward for some strange reason since DAY ONE, LoL! WHY?!!! What POSSIBLE reason would she smell any more desirable to him than any other VIRGIN Human girl he has been going to school with?!

Hmmmm... There's something here, I can feel it coming, ha!

Well, if you've read the Chapter One Rewrite: Open Book... THIS Bella DOES smell EXTRA-good to Vampires, in general; because she REALLY is kind of different, in that she's an innocent young girl who also has sort of an unusual fragrance to her aura. She's grown up fast, she's "her own person" (which is TOO SOON but a FACT of LIFE for alot of us, ha!).

Bella is a girl who has ALL THE ANSWERS inside of her - she KNOWS this, she feels this, and she SEARCHES them out and WORKS them out when they are not clear to her. She doesn't rely on ANYONE for anything other than her immediate physical needs as a Human teenager - home, food, clothing, education, etc.

But INSIDE of herself... She is a completely contained, harmonious young Human with a heart/soul that she wears on the OUTSIDE of herself like a SHIELD. Dang, I'm just now realizing what a DECEPTIVE little Human Being Bella is, LoL! She's shy, she's kind of introverted but she has a voice, she keeps things largely internal... BUT, she probably discovered a long time ago that her SOUL is the thing that protects her, and she doesn't let ANYTHING get through to her SPIRIT until it passes through this "soul shield" she has inadvertently set up!

She probably discovered LONG by now that pain is something that is going to come at her hard and steady throughout her life - ALONG with the good stuff. Her internal "wiring" may have readjusted itself so that she meets things head-on, GOOD or BAD, instead of letting them fester inside of her. I think that both highs and lows of life for Bella are more "normal" for her than the majority of us. They don't usually spike into uncontrollable outbursts or anything remotely close; and when they do, you KNOW she MEANS it. You've all met these calm, cool, collected types. I was married to one for awhile, they can be SO frustrating, LoL!

She knows that she feels bad during the lows and wonderful during the highs; but that feelings and emotions are temporary things that TELL us about ourselves and what's going on around us. That's WHY she spends so much time with her journal. She KNOWS that they aren't necessarily something that defines you. They are part of the SOUL to USE as TOOLS to experience and navigate through this Human existence. Bella is someone who has figured out all this alot earlier than most people.

Bella's SOUL would RECOGNIZE (even if SHE doesn't realize it) that Edward IS a NATURAL ENEMY to her... And she would have been making conscience decision after decision during this rewrite to OVERRIDE the natural instincts of what her soul is telling her; BECAUSE her SPIRIT can STILL recognize what her soul WON'T allow to penetrate into her - that Edward's spirit is beautiful and VERY attractive to her - because it is a non-corporeal thing DIRECTLY connected to the source of ALL life & truth about EVERYTHING! This is TRUE for both Vampires AND Humans, even though we experience this differently. Our Human souls CAN (and often DO) cloud our perceptions.

THIS is how/why this Bella came up with this observation about Edward shortly after meeting him in this rewrite (sometimes you don't realize things until AFTER the fact, ha!):

But, those eyes... and I couldn't shake the feeling of static electricity on my skin, as if I had connected with a live wire and my reaction was lingering.

I gazed into the empty space in the center of my room, letting the mental images in my head mix with my swirling emotions surrounding them. Then, I picked up my pen and wrote down what my heart saw...

Even the worst of us has a heart of gold;
And even the best of us sells our soul.

That was the first night I saw Edward Cullen in my dreams.

Neither Bella nor Edward would probably have been aware of all these details, of course... But, aren't they FUN? ;)

With all this... Bella is kind of content with "who she is" and the journey she's on in this life (for now). And while, SINCE she is a teenager, she is PROBABLY really looking forward to the rest of her life to "get on with it"... Part of her young, Human, INNOCENT soul has ALREADY fused with her spirit... and ANY Vampire would CRAVE her as SOON as they smelled her!

The fact that Edward has a MUCH harder time dealing with Bella's scent than his siblings, is because... It just so HAPPENS that BELLA is in a REALLY happy place the very first time Edward meets her. She's just moved to Forks and she was worried about that (and she still is, the first day of school is still coming in this rewrite AFTER she meets Edward and his siblings); BUT she and Charlie are working through their awkward, re-familiarizing themselves with each other time pretty well (she's even gotten a little richer, ha!); she's just gotten a nifty new TRUCK that she has fallen COMPLETELY in LOVE with; AND she's HANGING out with JACOB with a whole bunch of warm, wonderful emotions about HIM swirling around her.

And we ALL know that Bella is/was ATTRACTED to Jacob... And while their relationship hadn't gotten even close to where it COULD have gone (sorry, Team Jacob fans); the feelings and emotions she has going on in that moment surrounding EVERYTHING in her life would have been the thing seasoning her essence during those first few moments.

EVEN though they were not fully-developed within her yet, Edward would have been able to SENSE things like, "how Bella loves" and "what she's REALLY like behind that shield", etc. And while things would NOT have connected immediately in THAT moment, it would have been the SPARK that lights the fuse for them...

SINCE Edward's siblings (as well as James & Victoria) are ALREADY attached to their own lifemates... THAT part of Bella's scent wouldn't have been nearly as compelling to any of them.

How's that? ;)

Because Edward & Bella are still very connected to each other in a few different ways by now; Edward wouldn't become sexually turned-on until AFTER Bella is, because it is HER soul that is sort of fueling them both (because he has tasted her before and he will, no doubt, taste her again during this sexual escapade, ha!). Not only that, but it will also influence the tone of ALL their sexual encounters. Edward isn't exactly going to be in a position to push Bella away, ha!

I'm sure everyone has a different idea of how this first sexual encounter goes. But because it does NOT happen at the end of a LONG wedding day (DANG, exhaustion much, ha!) - in fact, it's probably late morning/early afternoon - AND they are just now making up after being apart for so long, etc. *I* see it as being sort of a rollercoaster ride with all kinds of subtle builds and crescendos mixed in with daring loop-DE-loos that make you scream! The in-between lulls would probably be just as fun. Yeah, Bella would really ENJOY crawling all over Edward; and Edward would really enjoy figuring out all the naughty, FUN things that make Bella's body go into convulsions, ha!

Incidentally... My suspension of belief has a hard time believing that Bella would be covered in bruises the next day, NOT that this is a big deal. She may have a couple light ones, but Edward is a VAMPIRE... He knows EXACTLY how hard he can touch Bella at any given moment. He is VERY sensitive to the sensation of touch and how much pressure he can safely apply to her tender Human flesh. His Vampire reflexes would be as fast at determining and adjusting his touch on Bella as when he does anything physical - like, run, for instance. Vampires are NATURALLY precise.

KNOCK yourselves out all you "50 Shades of Grey" fans. JEEZ, I wonder HOW Twilight could have inspired another such ridiculous wanna-be book, LoL!

No, I really have absolutely NO desire to read these books, but it does tickle me inside that so many of you are finding them irresistible. You will NEVER think about SEX the same way, Ladies. LoL!


Getting back to this rewrite of Twilight... Stephenie REALLY does go overboard on the whole "Vampires can't resist Human blood" thing. MOST Vampires are VERY PICKY not just about WHO they turn, but WHO they feed off of. They walk among Humans until they find one that they want to "feel like" for awhile. Some of us are probably turn-off's for them, ha!

Humans are NOT usually THAT HARD for them to resist - especially if they are satiated. I'm SURE Edward is making sure he's keeping himself tapped, ha! PLUS, his Vampire sensitivities have altered a bit since all the scary stuff that happened between them in New Moon. It is EASIER for him now - still not simple, but it wouldn't be nearly as difficult for him to resist Bella now than when they first met. THIS is how we can all brush off the almost-too-hard-virgin-blood stuff at the beginning of this...

Edward is going to have a VERY rare, once-in-a-Vampire-lifetime experience. Bella DOES fuel them both and it WILL be the catalyst for him; but HE has NEVER had sex before as a Vampire (and apparently, not as a Human before he was changed, either). As such, BECAUSE of the side-effects of this "re-animated" blood that they drink; he will actually reach his OWN physical orgasm the VERY first time he climaxes BECAUSE of this little stash of Human sperm that is still inside of him from before he was turned into a Vampire.

PLUS, he is probably pretty satiated with this re-animated blood they drink, PLUS he's probably sparkling NAKED in the SUN - when his Vampire body is most strong in every way - physically, mystically, metaphysically, etc. What little of his own soul he has left would be about as bright as it could possibly get inside of him. He is at JUST the right time and place where his body is in harmony inside and out - everything is working perfectly. (Incidentally, this is the closest thing a Vampire can hope to get to experiencing a Human existence - when they are both satiated with Human blood AND their bodies are simmering in sunlight! A seriously damaged Vampire can do this to help heal themselves faster.)

NORMALLY, Vampires do NOT discharge anything when they have sex - they can't; they don't have anything to spew forth, ha! They MAY sort of lubricate themselves when they are excited - after all, they do have saliva and their eyes stay moisturized, etc. But their bodies are not capable of producing semen or cum.

That's part of "dying" for them... Not ONLY are their bodies DEAD/changed inside; but their bodies CAN'T create LIFE without having a SOUL to contribute to a baby. Edward has a SLIVER of a soul that can NO LONGER work the way it used to - it is no longer a bridge between his physical body and soul, anymore... HOWEVER, since Edward's sperm were created inside of his body WHILE he was still Human; they would have carried his Human DNA AND the Human soul-essence that he had when he was alive - JUST like his blood would have had!

When a Vampire reaches an orgasm it is (usually) a very primal/spiritual thing - it happens MOSTLY deep inside the mystical part of them, but it does happen through their physical bodies. They certainly feel it, but their physical bodies don't nearly as much - make sense? ALSO, it would probably be a pretty common thing for them to climax at the same time because they are so connected to each other - especially since Bella is still a Human with a HOT soul. After they are Vampires, I'm pretty sure it's more of a marathon session with one huge, unifying BANG at the end, ha!

But sex isn't something they are normally very interested in. KILLING is sex for them - draining someone of their life force - THAT's what they (usually) LIVE for! THIS is WHY Edward has never felt compelled to have sex with anyone before now. His sexual inactivity wouldn't seem nearly as strange to Vampires as it does to us Humans.

So yeah, Edward will NEVER cum like that again! I'm pretty sure he isn't quite prepared for the JOLT, but he'll manage, LoL!

Every single little romantic (or naughty) thing you can think up for them to say or do you can insert into here since I'm not writing it out, LoL!

This may gross you out a bit, but Edward WOULD drink some of Bella's blood BECAUSE, for Vampires, that's how THEY connect to Humans AND each other. Bella won't drink Edward's blood - although she could if she wanted to, she'd probably get an even bigger bang out of her first time, ha! In fact, if you REALLY want to see them get wild & crazy - go ahead and include this in YOUR hot little fantasy. Not only would Edward's blood heal Bella in places that she would probably like to have conveniently and immediately healed; but it WOULD sort of TRIPLE the BANG(S) for them both! ;)

Vampires are NOT frozen or cold, they are DEAD and room temperature. So while Edward's skin IS harder - it's more like thick, smooth leather. I've been calling it "marbled-leathery" skin in here since you're all used to the "marble" thing. Vampires are not stone or ice. Even though their skin IS thick and tough, it would be ALOT more like leather than marble - BECAUSE it is more what Human "turned" skin would BE like. It wouldn't turn into something completely different. When they get a deep cut, they WILL bleed, just like a Human.

Their veins still exist inside of them - that's how the blood they drink gets distributed throughout their Vampire bodies. The soul essence of Human blood slowly absorbs into their tissues through their veins. The physical parts of blood like plasma, red blood cells and white blood cells eventually becomes annihilated by their Vampire "disease" as the soul-essence gets used up.

SO, that means that they can sink their teeth into each other as Vampires, even, and share their blood. If Vampires want to be REALLY close with another Vampire they have not changed - they will exchange their blood essence in this way. ALL the other sexually-active Cullen's probably do this (although Carlisle and Esme probably wouldn't need to because he changed her. That doesn't mean they wouldn't do it, anyway, ha! :)

This is ALSO the REASON WHY male Vampires CAN get an erection and female Vampires can become sexually aroused - but NOT ejaculate OR reach a PHYSICAL orgasm. Because their veins still exist inside of them AND they ARE STILL being used to carry blood - it IS a similar function. (Vampires can't even get it UP according to some people because there is supposedly no blood flow to the sex organs.)

IF they become sexually turned on "just right" (there may be lots of ways, but sipping on Bella's sexually-turned on BLOOD would certainly do it for Edward!); the blood in their veins would flow down into their sexual organs. That means that male Vampires DO NOT become sexually turned-on NEARLY as EASY as a Human male - simply because their Vampire sensibilities are different AND their bodies work differently, now! AND, since NONE of their reproductive organs are working (because they are supposed to be DEAD) - NO sexually reproductive body fluids can be created within them, so there is no way for them (usually) to reach a physical climax.

SORRY traditional Vampire Lore extremists! BTW, Ladies... THIS is HOW you "alter lore" to change "traditional" literary things INTO your OWN within your BELOVED storylines - you EXPLAIN why/how YOUR nifty Vamps are DIFFERENT!

You don't just bulldoze your way through people's intelligence, brush off just about EVERYTHING about Vampires that IDENTIFIES them as VAMPIRES, and bastardize all the hard work and CHERISHED creativity that came PREVIOUSLY just because YOU can't handle dealing with the disturbing topics of BLOOD and EVIL! You should have KEPT this stupid story if you couldn't handle it, Stephenie. (Oh that's right, you were "just lazy".) *I*, for one, REALLY WISH you WOULD have!

Another "thing" about Vampire sex... It doesn't need to happen NEARLY as often. I've heard ALOT of people going on and on about "how much sex" is in Breaking Dawn. It's not JUST that sex with a Vampire is extra-fun; but it ALSO LINGERS...

As a Human, Bella would feel like she is enjoying the most exquisite afterglow for several DAYS after every sexual encounter with Edward; and so would he because of the mystical/metaphysical bond between them. It WON'T be something they are constantly craving either before OR after Bella changes into a Vampire. (Unless YOUR afterglows are different than mine are.) It would of course be even more different yet, however. We'll talk about Vamp/Vamp sex later in the Breaking Dawn rewrite, ha!

SEX isn't all THIS version of the Twilight Saga is about, BUT you could have expected it to be AT LEAST a LITTLE steamy!

Sex without actually having sex... What a tease, and how RUDE it was for you to leave everyone hanging on the edge of paradise like that, Stephenie, ha! (Maybe I'll take the time to write this out for you all sometime so you can see what this would have been like).

AFTERWARDS, Bella changes her mind and suggests to Edward that he should "ask her again". He doesn't even SORT of hesitate! He manages to come up with an even more romantic way to ask her to marry him off the top of his head, and Bella of course says YES! (And yeah, it's a GOOD THING, too, Ha!)

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